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Part of the AFI 100 Years... series, AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars is a list of the top 50 greatest screen legends in American film history, which included 25 male and 25 female stars. The list wa...

IMDb: Top 100 Greatest Actors of All Time (The Ultimate List) - a list ...


Nov 14, 2012 ... To me, accuracy when making a Top 10/Top 100 all time list is ... the greatest movie actor of all time, rivaled only by the more theatrically ...

The 50 Greatest Actors of All Time – AMC


Citizen Kane showcased Welles's bravura acting style, and roles in Touch of Evil and The Lady From Shanghai proved he was no fluke. Current Score: 7817.

The Best Actors Ever | List of the Greatest Actors of All Time - Ranker


The best actors ever are ranked here in this list of the best actors in film history. These are the greatest actors ever to appear on the silver screen - male only (to ...

100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time - Filmsite


100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time ... 50. Sam Spade, Humphrey Bogart, The Maltese Falcon (1941), A wise-cracking, tough-acting, seedy detective.

100 Greatest Film Stars of All-Time - Filmsite


100 Greatest Film Stars of All-Time: There are at least 100 great film stars (50 actors, 50 actresses) who could be considered 'the greatest', and many of them are ...

100 best movies of all time ranked and reviewed by actors - Time Out


Oct 19, 2016 ... Actors from around the world helped us rank the 100 best movies of all time, from old-time classics (To Kill a Mockingbird) to modern-day ...

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Sep 5, 2016 ... Are you looking for the best hollywood actors of all time? Here is the list of 100 greatest hollywood movie actors ever born in the history of ...

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M+270. Tom Hanks is one of my all time favorite actors he plays such a great role and delivers ... The greatest actor of all time, how come there are Indian actors on this list, laugh out loud - robertoantonioortusoM+74 .... V 100 Comments VoteE.

The 51 all-time greatest acting performances... that Oscar ignored


Jan 16, 2015 ... In an era when infinite, instant access to 100 years of cinema keeps our favorite movies at our fingertips, time is the ultimate arbiter of greatness ...