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America's Top Fears 2015 - Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities ...


Oct 13, 2015 ... There were 10 major “domains” of fear addressed by the survey, ... insight into what types of fear are of greatest concern to Americans in 2015.

America's top fears: Public speaking, heights and bugs - The ...


Oct 30, 2014 ... The Chapman University Survey of American Fears opens a window ... to people who aren't like them," in Barack Obama's famous formulation.

Phobia List - The Ultimate List of Phobias and Fears


This includes everything from small Poodles to large Great Danes. ... 25 million Americans share a fear of flying. ... About 8% of Americans have this phobia.

Top 10 Fears | List Of Fears | Most Common Fears | Types Of Fear ...


Welcome to my personal look at our top 10 fears. The list of fears on this page represents our deepest and greatest fears, as well as our most common fears.

America's Top 10 Fears | Zero Hedge


Oct 25, 2015 ... There were 10 major “domains” of fear addressed by the survey, ... insight into what types of fear are of greatest concern to Americans in 2015.

Terrifying technology tops list of American fears | Brookings Institution


Oct 30, 2015 ... We're going to dive into the top eight technology fears. The overall top 10 American fears are shown in a chart at the end of the post.

Things Americans fear most - CBS News


Oct 15, 2015 ... Fear is a natural and often necessary emotional response to physical and emotional danger that is vital to our existence. ... The second annual Chapman University Survey of American Fears seeks to answer .... Most Popular.

The Top 10 Things Americans Fear | Huffington Post


Oct 16, 2015 ... It's not monsters under the bed or evil clowns that people in this country most are afraid of. In fact, Americans' fears are based more around ...

Here's What Americans Are Most Afraid Of | TIME


Oct 14, 2015 ... Based on their findings, here were the top 10 fears for 2015: ... Interestingly, the researchers also found that half of all Americans believe in ...

What Americans Fear the Most - New York Magazine


Oct 15, 2015 ... An annual survey reveals our top-ten fears. ... this tendency, every year Chapman University surveys a bunch of Americans, providing them with ...

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The Chapman University Survey on American Fears | Chapman ...


In our survey we asked a random sample of Americans about fears of natural and man-made disasters. We then asked whether they had taken recommended ...

Top 10 Phobias of All Time – 2016 Update - FearOf.net


Without further ado, here are the top 10 phobias of all time, starting with ... Nearly 2 out of every 100 Americans suffers from Agoraphobia, the fear of open or ...

Snakes Top List of Americans' Fears - Gallup


No, what really strikes fear in the hearts of many Americans are snakes. ... Heights. 31. 41. -10. Thunder and lightning. 6. 16. -10. Flying on an airplane. 14. 22. -8.