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Top 10 Phobias of All Time – 2017 Update


Without further ado, here are the top 10 phobias of all time, starting with ... Nearly 2 out of every 100 Americans suffers from Agoraphobia, the fear of open or ...

Phobia List - The Ultimate List of Phobias and Fears


These are the top 100 phobias in the world, with the most common ones listed from the top. ... 25 million Americans share a fear of flying. .... Top 10 Phobia List.

The 10 Most Common Phobias In America | social Indy


Jan 18, 2013 ... Some of the “World Top 10” — Fear of snakes, darkness, another person, dogs and the dentist — did not make the U.S. Top 10 Phobia list, ...

The 15 Most Common Phobias That Frighten People


These are just some of the most common phobias, but there are much more that .... Top Ten Phobias in America · Phobias List Definitions · Top Five Common ...

America's top fears: Public speaking, heights and bugs - The ...


Oct 30, 2014 ... Overall, fear of public speaking is America's biggest phobia - 25.3 percent say they fear speaking in front of a crowd. Clowns (7.6 percent ...

The 15 Most Common Phobias in America that Induce Fits of Panic ...


Oct 17, 2014 ... Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die ... However, even when not speaking of the most common phobias in America, ... See The 10 Most Feared.

The 10 Most Common Phobias in America - Country 104.7 KKRV


A new survey had Americans rank their biggest phobias. Here are the 10 most common ones. 1. Acrophobia . . . a fear of heights. 2. Arachnophobia . . . fear of ...

Fear / Phobia Statistics – Statistic Brain


Sep 4, 2016 ... Number of Americans who have a diagnosed phobia, 6.3 Million. Top Phobias, Percent of US Population. 1, Fear of ... Just 10 short questions.

What Really Scares People: Top 10 Phobias - Live Science


Mar 28, 2011 ... And between 9 percent and 20 percent of Americans say they avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear, according to WebMD.

Phobias: The ten most common fears people hold - ABC News ...


May 1, 2015 ... The ten most common phobias include fears of open spaces, social ... For others a cliff-top lookout or a tall building makes their head spin.