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Standard Poodle - among the most intelligent breeds. The Intelligence of Dogs is a book on dog intelligence by Stanley Coren, a professor of canine ... working and obedience intelligence, with Borde...

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Jun 9, 2016 ... Of course, some dogs are simply a cute face and a friend to snuggle with, ... According to Coren, the top 10 most intelligent dogs need fewer ...

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We know YOUR dog is the smartest, but in general these ten breeds have excellent intelligence.

10 Smartest Dog Breeds: Most Teachable, Trainable Dogs


WebMD lists the 10 smartest dog breeds including what they were bred for and if they make good family pets.

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We've gathered a wide sample of dog breeds, sharpened their No. ... But PetMD did come up with a list of the top 10 smartest canine breeds in the world.

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Aug 18, 2014 ... The smartest dog breeds might surprise you. These top ten canine Einsteins all share two qualities: the ability to quickly learn new commands, ...

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Feb 1, 2015 ... But intelligence alone doesn't make a good pet. Owners need to be willing to put in the work to channel a dog's inherent intelligence. A good ...

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4 days ago ... What are the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world? Check out our list.

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The poodle is the seventh most popular dog breed and for good reason. Poodles not only are very smart, but they're also proud, active dogs, with the added ...

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We love smart dogs and have put together a list of the top 23 smartest dogs. ... Take a look at CatTime.com's list of The 10 Smartest Cats. These lists are created  ...