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Top 10 worst websites you'll wish you hadn't seen | Branded3


Remember back in the mid-nineties when websites were a bit of a novelty? They didn't really serve much of a purpose and, all things considered, were pretty.

Web Pages That Suck - learn good web design by looking at bad ...


Web Pages That Suck is a web resource where you can learn good web design by looking at bad web design. Features include web design checklists and resources on good web design. ... The 12 Worst Over-The-Top Websites of 2014.

Worst Websites– The Ugliest Websites You'll Ever See #1 - LinkedIn


Mar 24, 2015 ... This is one of the worst websites that has this world has ever seen. In addition this website has been on the top ten list of the worst websites ...

Top 10 Worst Website Designs | Lounge Lizard


Oct 22, 2012 ... People cruise to so many sites that a badly designed one sticks out just as much as one that is great to look at.

10 Of The Worst Websites Ever - Sick Chirpse


Jun 7, 2012 ... Prepare to see 10 of the worst website designs ever! ... There are websites out there so great they make us ponder the meaning of life – Food ...

Top 10 Worst Websites - TheTopTens®


Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me!

Worst Websites Of 2015 And How You Can Learn From Their Mistakes


Apr 22, 2015 ... Top New Features of the Latest Ubuntu 16.04 · 10 Worst Websites of 2016 ... Update: I've made another list for 2016 – 10 Worst Websites Of ...

20 Hilariously Terrible Corporate Websites - BuzzFeed


20 Hilariously Terrible Corporate Websites. Anyone know any good web designers? posted on May 6, 2014, at 5:05 a.m.. Patrick Smith. BuzzFeed News ...

10 Worst Websites For 2013 - The Ugliest Websites Ever | Global ...


Aug 8, 2013 ... Ironically many web designers themselves have created the worst looking websites ever! Here is my top 10 list of the worst website designs for ...

World's Worst Website - Angelfire


Welcome to the World's Worst Website! ... White or light colors usually work best. ... Usually, it is best to skip the tunes, but if you must add music, be sure you provide ... Most web surfers will not wait for more than 10-15 seconds for your page to ...

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The Worst Over-the-top Websites of 2014 | from Web Pages That Suck


Vincent Flanders' comments: To truly appreciate the awfulness of the tiling, you have to go to the site (recommended) or look at a full-page screen capture (silly ...

Bad Web Design: A Look At The Most Hilariously Terrible Websites ...


Apr 25, 2015 ... This bad design is not the complete website. The site itself does have a nice design. It has a nice clean layout with good navigation. It looks ...

The World's Worst Website Ever!


Jan 13, 2014 ... BREAKING NEWS: 3 out of 4 people say this is a terrible website! ... Worst WEbsite EVER! we're stoked to be able to bring u da best in REALLY ...