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These are recommended by physicians for the treatment of soft tissue damage, and sprained ankles are one of the most common soft ...

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Torn Ankle Ligaments Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect bones to each other. They provide strength and support to joints. In the ankle, injuries to ...

How to Treat a Torn Ankle Ligament
The ankle is a joint where bones from the foot and the leg meet. They are held in place by tough, flexible tissue called ligaments. Ligaments prevent unnatural range of motion and keep the bones joined. A sprained ankle is an unnaturally twisted or... More »
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Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction


This is referred to as the modified Bröstrom procedure. Another option is to use a tendon to replace the torn ligaments. This technique is similar to what is done in ...

Surgery for the Syndesmosis


The ligaments can also be injured when the ankle is broken. The high ankle sprain that is commonly seen in football players refers to an injury to the ... The goal of surgery is to properly align and stabilize the joint so the ligaments can heal in ...

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The procedure itself involves one incision (cut) on the outside of the ankle to allow the surgeon to locate the scar tissue from the torn ligament near the fibula ...

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

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If it's a severe sprain, you might have felt a "pop" when the injury happened. ... often helps control swelling and adds stability while the ligaments are healing.

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Most ankle ligament injuries are caused when the foot twists inwards. ... This ligament is mainly torn in association with severe fractures of the ankle bones. ... a long time to heal, although it usually heals without the need for surgical treatment.

Ankle Injuries, Sprains, Strains, and Fractures: Causes and Treatments


Sep 18, 2016 ... How Does the Doctor Diagnose an Ankle Injury? Treatment of Fractures; Treatment of Sprains; Treatment of Tendon Injuries; Can Ankle Injuries ...

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A: The tear occurred over a month ago. I have not given it much rest. Hence, my ... Its been 4 weeks and the swelling does not subside, I guess it involves more t... Read More »
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Q: How long does it take for a sprained foot to heal? - Quora
A: My disclaimer is that I am not a doctor, I simply have experience with sprained ankles. I have always had weak ankles, and as a baby they could be rotated ... Read More »
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Q: 3rd degree sprain ankle: when does the swelling decrease? - Quora
A: Firstly, the fact that you can't weight bear on it is not necessarily a good sign. One of the ... no bone damage but MRIs showed 2 of the 3 ligaments were ... Read More »
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Q: Physical Therapy: What should I do if my ankle sprain injury stil...
A: Oct. 29, 2014. I sprained my ankle while running down the stairs. Took 2 weeks ... A2A. Ankle sprains are graded according to severity of involvement of ligame... Read More »
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Q: Home Remedies to Repair a Torn Ligament | LEAFtv
A: The most common ligaments that are torn are in your fingers, ankles and knees, but you can tear any of the ligaments in your body. Torn ligaments may cause ... Read More »
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