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Supreme Court Declines Certiorari in Landmark Case on Biotech ...


... Diagnostics Center, Inc. On June 27, 2016, the Supreme Court denied a petition for a writ of certiorari in Sequenom, Inc. v. Ariosa Diagnostics, et al. (Case No.

Aging of the Human Innate Immune System in HIV Infection - NCBI


Jul 2, 2014 ... Kamat A, Misra V, Cassol E, Ancuta P, Yan Z, Li C, Morgello S, Gabuzda D. A .... van Duin D, Newman FK, Zhang L, Chen S, Towle V, Belshe RB, Fikrig E, et al. .... Rao S, Kazzaz Z, Bornstein E, Lambotte O, Altmann D, et al.

Neonatal Handling Affects Durably Bonding and Social Development


Apr 8, 2009 ... According to Jansson et al. ... may be stressed by handling per se: according to Long et al. ..... body and exposed them to novel tactile stimuli such as a white towel, ..... Lvoff NM, Lvoff V, Klaus MH. ..... In: Bornstein MH, editor.

Interplay between diet-induced obesity and chronic stress in mice ...


Jul 1, 2014 ... The global prevalence of obesity is rising (Yach et al. .... At the conclusion of the FST, animals were towel dried and returned to their home cages to recover. ..... which shares common overlapping pathways with obesity (Bornstein et al. .... 2002 Insufficient islet compensation to insulin resistance vs. reduced .....

low-income adolescent mothers - NYU Steinhardt

steinhardt.nyu.edu/scmsAdmin/uploads/006/919/Shannon, J., Spellmann, M., Tamis-LeMonda, C., Infant Mental Health Journal, 2002.pdf

Gunn, 1996; Bornstein et al., 1996; Goodnow, 1995; Goodnow & Collins, 1990; Holden, 1995; .... knowledge may or may not be stable across domains (Tamis- LeMonda et al., 1998). This .... a towel on her head. ..... De Lissovoy, V. (1973).

Maternal Responsiveness to Young Children at Three ... - CiteSeerX


Bornstein, 1989b; Bornstein et al., 1992; De Wolff & van IJzen- doorn, 1997 ..... subjects factor, activity: explorations vs. play vs. bids to mother vs. vocalization) ...

Rationality in medical treatment decisions - DigitalCommons ...


Mar 21, 1999 ... Brian H. Bornstein, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Christine Emler ... world and in the medical world (Detmer et al., 1978; El- stein et al., 1978; ..... nal decision. Non-medical scenarios: residents vs. undergraduates.

Maternal Behavior Modifications during Pretense and Their Long ...


Sep 2, 2014 ... Tamis-LeMonda and Bornstein showed that prior maternal pretense did not predict ..... whether the two groups (pretend-condition-first group vs. real- condition-first group) or .... However, with the exception of Experiment 2 in Lillard et al. .... She then smiled at the child for about 3 s and gave the child a towel.

Unusual Play in Young Children Who Claim to Remember Previous ...


pacities and physical and cognitive skills (Bornstein et al., 1996; Cotton, l984; ..... As a young child, V. remembered the life of a prosperous owner of a flour mill ... would put a towel on his shoulder, as tonga drivers in India do, take a piece of.

Regulation of Liver Metabolism by the Endosomal GTPase Rab5


Apr 30, 2015 ... Although Rab5 was silenced specifically in the liver (Zeigerer et al., 2012), the ... measured by proteomics were taken to scale the Vmax values for the Rab5KD. ..... Herzog et al., 2011; R. Herzog, D. Schwudke, K. Schuhmann, J.L. Sampaio, S.R. Bornstein, ... Ma et al., 2006; L. Ma, L.N. Robinson, H.C. Towle.

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Towle, C. Griffith - Bartko Zankel Bunzel


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The Comparative National Income of the USSR and the United States


As so often in the past, I am much indebted to Mary Towle for impeccable typing. This study and ..... 9—10; A. I. Kats, Proizvoclitei'n.ost' trucla v SSSR i giavnykh ..... income in kind, see Morris Bornstein et al., "Soviet National Accounts for 1955 ".

Isolation of Neural Crest Derived Chromaffin Progenitors from Adult ...


Jul 16, 2009 ... Stefan R. Bornstein, ... Monika Ehrhart-Bornstein .... Ehrhart-Bornstein ..... fast inward currents displayed the characteristic (I – V) relationship of voltage-gated sodium channels. .... into neuron-like cells under the influence of NGF, as first shown by Unsicker et al. ..... 53 Evinger MJ, Towle AC, Park DH et al.