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A hat tip is an act of tipping or (especially in British English) doffing one's hat as a ... for example fully removing his hat while the superior merely touched his. ... for Men by Marian T Hov...

Hat Etiquette - The History & Rules - Ask Andy About Clothes


Hats are tipped, (or doffed) slightly lifting the hat off your forehead, when meeting a lady (remove your hat if you stop to talk), or to “say” to anyone, male or female ...

Hats Off! Hat Etiquette for Everyone - The Emily Post Institute, Inc.


Knowing when to remove a hat is as important as wearing the right hat for the occasion. If you were a medieval knight who failed to remove his helmet or lift his  ...

Why We Are Supposed to Take Our Hats Off for the National Anthem


Mar 9, 2011 ... The tradition of using ones right hand also comes from this. ... The correct way for a man to remove his hat for a lady is to remove it with a ...

That Age Old Battle: Please Remove Your Hat in School | Brian ...


Apr 30, 2014 ... This has been a recurring topic of conversation at school this year. Why do we ask students to remove hats when they enter the school?

Where did the custom of removing your hat to show respect come ...


Dec 26, 2007 ... It is also customer to remove your hat to show pay respect at a funeral. ... Just about every culture and religion I can think of have this tradition.

tradition - Why do some Christains feel the obligation to remove their ...


Aug 11, 2014 ... As far as I know, Judaism has no tradition of removing a head covering / hat during prayer. Therefore, the Christian tradition started sometime ...

Hat etiquette for men by Marian Horvat - Tradition In Action


Apr 16, 2008 ... Never heard of tipping the hat/removing the hat in the presence of women ... A man should remove his hat upon entering a home, church, office, ...

Historical Hatiquette (Hat Etiquette) | Mass Historia - Walter Nelson


The subject often comes up at living histories and vintage dances of when a gentleman should wear a hat and when he should remove it. While the stuff they told ...

Hat Etiquette | Lisa Mirza Grotts - Huffington Post


Feb 22, 2012 ... Removing your hat is considered to be a gesture of respect for certain occasions and in certain places. Keeping your hat on during these ...

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Q: Why is it traditional to remove your hat when you are indoors?
A: Also to show that there are no hidden weapons under it. Don't know whether i'ts still relevant Read More »
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Q: How to Remove a Curve From Your Baseball Hat.
A: 1. Place the cap in the washing machine with other clothing on warm. If the water is set to hot, the hat may shrink and no longer fit. If the water is set to co... Read More »
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Q: Why do they tell you to remove your hat in church and court?
A: It is traditional etiquette to take your hat off in buildings, churches, courthouses and even restaurants. It is considered rude not to take your hat off to som... Read More »
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Q: When did the tradition of throwing your graduation hat start?
A: This tradition of throwing graduation caps have ori... Read More »
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Q: Why is removing your hat considered a sign of respect?
A: In Western societies of the 19th/ early 20th centuries a hat Read More »
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