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Jun 14, 2013 ... The two main ingredients are rather common: banana and coconut. Not a day in Equatorial Guinea begins without akwadu (African Banana ...

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Though the cuisine is, for the most part, native it has been influenced by Arabic, Portugese and Spanish traders, settlers an slavers. Most traditional dishes use ...

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Feb 12, 2013 ... Pescado con dos salsas | Fish with two sauces | Recipe. All manner of fish, big and small, is thrown on the grill in Equatorial Guinea. By using ...

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Equatorial Guinea cuisine is a unique combination of traditional dishes and eccentric ones. A...

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Details on Equatorial Guinea foods and regional specialities, types of food available in ... Sweet potatoes, yams and plantain are all popular ingredients.

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Current, accurate and in depth facts on Equatorial Guinea. Unique ... Food and Recipes: Staple foods include cocoyams, plantains, rice and peanuts. People eat  ...

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Feb 23, 2011 ... In Equatorial Guinea, killing dinner is not always a choice. The rural people are known for hunting and fishing for their dinners because this is ...

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I had a bunch of bananas sitting on my counter that needed using up and I had all the other ingredients on hand - done deal. Briefly, Equatorial Guinea sits on ...

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Pick a Pepper Soup. Country: Equatorial Guinea Course: Main Makes: 4 servings . Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups water; 1 lb red snapper fillets*; 3 medium onions, ...

Recipes from Equatorial Guinea: Loco (Fried Plantains)


Loco (Fried Plantains). Country: Equatorial Guinea Course: Side Makes: 4 servings. Ingredients: 5 tbsp red palm oil; 3 ripe plantains or 4 very green bananas, ...

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Feb 21, 2011 ... In Equatorial Guinea they make the best of it and turn this tricky veggie ... Ingredients: 1 tsp red palm oil 1 onion, chopped 1 habenero pepper, ...

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Apr 11, 2013 ... Because Equatorial Guinea was once settled by the Spanish, there is also a definite Spanish influence on many of the traditional dishes.

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The development of Equatorial Guinea cuisine is also the result of the trades made in any port of this country's coasts. This way many special ingredients ...