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How to train your rats - Rat Care


Training rats to do awesome tricks. ... Training your pet rats ... So both you and your rats should enjoy the process of teaching them to do tricks. Your rats will ...

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Jun 4, 2013 ... Cool Top Rated Products for any Pet Rat Owner: Super Pet CritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat: ... Brb training my rat to kill a thief.
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Jul 16, 2015 ... I train my pet rats using clicker training and positive reinforcement. Their favorite treats are cheerios, but they also enjoy working for dog treats, ...

AFRMA - Pet Projects - How To Teach The Rat To Fetch Things


A funny trick to teach our friends the rats, is to fetch things for us. Just as we can teach a dog to go and get an object, a rat can learn the same thing. The trick is ...

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May 7, 2009 ... This video is about training a rat to fetch (yeeees I'm stating the obvious.) There are a ... Your rat will learn to associate the tapping noise with the ball. This means that ... Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel 51,356 views. 8:03.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=How do you train your pet rat to fetch?&v=33oTNBOIgjA
Oct 23, 2008 ... You will need a lot of patience for this and may need to spend many training sessions on each step before moving on so that your rat can get ...

Rat Proofing your house - 80stoysale!


You can wrap duck tape around your wires to try to detour rats from chewing on them. ... Use spray water bottles to train your rats not to go certain places or chew on ... it on carpet or furniture to try to persuade your rats not to go or chew there. ... the plant pieces there, they don't eat it just chew it to get it out of there ...

How to Stop Your Pet from Chewing on Power Cords | CANIDAE®


Jul 9, 2014 ... Their tips for stopping a pet from chewing on power cords fell into several general categories. ... Consistent reinforcement of good behavior will go a long way. .... It turned out that the key to success in dogs training are not the ...

How To Keep Rats From Eating My Cables? - Slashdot


Feb 12, 2009 ... For someone who has had pet rats you sure are a sadistic bastard when it comes to killing ... These are just regular sized cats with no ninja training. .... They chew the insulation off to make their nests...or if it happens to be in their way. ... Want a cheap way to dissuade the rats from chewing on your wires?

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Q: How can I train my pet rat?
A: Quite simple just depends on the rats you have :). http://whitney05.hubpages.com/hub/How-to. Read More »
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Q: How do i train my pet rat?
A: Just 2 weeks ago i got Owen my pet rat he is 8 weeks old and im ready to teach him tricks. I was wonder how to teach him or if he is to young to be taught. If y... Read More »
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Q: Can I Litter Train My Pet Rats?
A: Rats are pretty clean animals so it is certainly worth a try. However, as with other pet rodents, you may not have success getting your rats completely litter t... Read More »
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Q: How do I train my pet rats to do tricks?
A: Rats can be easily trained to do simple tasks. Reward the rat with treats for appropriately completed Read More »
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Q: Miscellaneous Rodents. /. Training my pet rat to stay inside my j...
A: This is something that will take alot of time and patience. I including som great websites to help you and some videos. I hope that this helps you :).  . Read More »
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