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What Is the Treatment for HIV?
Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is the treatment for individuals infected with HIV. HAART is able to suppress the viral replication of HIV, effectively stopping the progression of this disease. A HAART regimen includes a combination of three... More »
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Management of HIV/AIDS

edit]. A separate argument for starting antiretroviral therapy that has gained more prominence is its effect on HIV ...

Overview of HIV Treatments -

Aug 13, 2015 ... The six drug classes include more than 25 HIV medicines that are approved to treat HIV infection. Some HIV medicines are available in ...

HIV and AIDS: Treatment & Care - WebMD

Without treatment, nearly everyone with HIV will get AIDS. These links will give you all the information you need to get the best treatment and care.
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HIV and AIDS Treatment & Care | AVERT

An introduction to the treatment of HIV and AIDS using a combination of antiretroviral drugs, including care and support for people before and after treatment has ...

HIV/AIDS Treatments and drugs - Mayo Clinic

HIV/AIDS — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment and prevention of this deadly infection.

HIV Treatment: The Basics | HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets | Education ...

Apr 28, 2015 ... Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection. People on ART take a combination of HIV medicines (called an ...

HIV/AIDS Treatment - NIAID - National Institutes of Health

Nov 14, 2012 ... In the early 1980s when the HIV/AIDS epidemic began, people with AIDS were not likely to live longer than a few years. Today, there are 31 ...

How is HIV treated? - HIV/AIDS

There are many treatments now that can help people with HIV. As a result, many people with HIV are living much longer and healthier lives than before.

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Q: Is there a treatment for HIV?
A: There are treatments but no cure. Read More »
Q: Is their a treatment for hiv?
A: yes Read More »
Q: What Are the Treatments for HIV AIDS?
A: Antiviral (or alternatively antiretroviral) medications are the first line of defense in treating patients with HIV and AIDS, according to the U.S. Department o... Read More »
Q: Treatment for HIV?
A: HIV is an uncommon type of virus called a retrovirus, and drugs developed to disrupt the action of Read More »
Q: What is the Treatment for HIV?
A: HIV treatment options are incredibly complex. Most individuals are treated with a combination of numerous different types of drugs in order to keep the virus un... Read More »