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Trematoda is a class within the phylum Platyhelminthes. It includes two groups of parasitic flatworms, known as flukes. They are internal parasites of molluscs and vertebrates. Most trematodes have ...

Trematode Infection: Background, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology


Nov 23, 2015 ... Trematode infections occur worldwide. Trematodes, also called flukes, cause various clinical infections in humans.

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Trematodes of dogs and cats have indirect life cycles that require one or two intermediate hosts to reach the infective stage. A representative trematode life cycle ...

Schistosomes and Other Trematodes - Medical Microbiology - NCBI ...


Trematodes, or flukes, are parasitic flatworms with unique life cycles involving sexual reproduction in mammalian and other vertebrate definitive hosts and ...

Chapter 6. The Trematodes (Flukes) - PHSource.us


6.1 Infections of the Alimentary Canal and Associated Organs. Introduction. The trematodes (or flukes) are leaf shaped with an outer cover called the tegument ...

Trematodes (Flukes). Medical Information about Trematodes. | Patient


Trematode infections occur worldwide. Trematodes have complicated life cycles, with alternating asexual and sexual developments in different hosts.

Fasciolopsis and Other Intestinal Flukes. Trematodes. Patient | Patient


Intestinal flukes (trematodes) are flat hermaphroditic worms that vary in length from a few millimetres to many centimetres. Approximately 70 species are known  ...

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Flukes are parasitic flatworms that infect the blood vessels, GI tract, lungs, or liver. They are often categorized according to the organ system they invade:.

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Schistosoma is the only trematode that invades through the skin; about 200 million people are infected worldwide. Cercariae mature in the liver, and adults ...

Parasites - Trematodes (flukes) - Host, Species, Cercariae, and ...


Trematodes, or flukes, are another class of helminths that have parasitic species. Adult flukes are typically flat, oval-shaped worms that have a layer of muscles ...

[trem-uh-tohd, tree-muh-]
any parasitic platyhelminth or flatworm of the class Trematoda, having one or more external suckers; fluke.
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