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Jul 21, 2015 ... Be sure to blot with a damp rag after you get the stain out to ensure you get the stain ... Wipe off the dry erase marker with a cloth or paper towel.


Jun 19, 2017 ... How to remove Sharpie stains from pretty much anything. Alex Thomas ... Here are a few other tricks to get rid of common stains: Cheap and ...


How can I get permanent marker off a baby? wikiHow Contributor. It'll wash off, but if you want to remove it faster, use rubbing alcohol. Do not use hand sanitizer.

Jul 7, 2014 ... In this video im showing you how to get sharpie off walls doors talbes ect.


Jul 28, 2017 ... How to Get Permanent Marker off Skin. Whether you come home to find your kid has tattooed herself in permanent marker, or you accidentally ...


Remove permanent marker from the wall. How to get sharpie off the wall. 4 ways to remove marker from the wall.


Hand sanitizer works on skin too how to get off permenant marker tricks tips life ..... How to get Sharpie Marker off your skin ~ DIY fastest way to remove Sharpie.


Have you accidentally marked your clothes with permanent ink? Don't worry – read our step-by-step guide to permanent marker removal & wave goodbye to ...


Whether your child is drawing with permanent markers or the marker slips out of your hand and onto your clothes, it doesn't mean that your outfit is bound for the ...