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Jul 21, 2015 ... Be sure to blot with a damp rag after you get the stain out to ensure you get ... Wipe off the dry erase marker with a cloth or paper towel. .... The Best Ways To Tackle Your Most Dreaded Spring Cleaning Chores spring allergies ...


You may also be able to get rid of a Sharpie stain by coloring over it with a non- permanent dry erase marker .... An easy way to get Sharpie off is using hairspray.


Permanent marker is, by nature, a really tough stain to treat, precisely because it's supposed to be permanent. ... How can I get permanent marker off a baby?


Apr 24, 2017 ... SOMEONE found the sharpie maker…. Does he look guilty?. All you need is: Rubbing alcohol, a cloth and a child who found a sharpie (of ...

Jul 7, 2014 ... In this video im showing you how to get sharpie off walls doors talbes ect.


Ways to Remove Permanent Marker stains from Anything. How To Get Permanent Marker Off ClothesHow To Get Marker Off WallsRemove Permanent Marker ...


How to Get Permanent Marker Off of Kitchen Appliances. Sharpie meets ..... How to get Sharpie Marker off your skin ~ DIY fastest way to remove Sharpie.


Whether your child is drawing with permanent markers or the marker slips out of your hand and onto your clothes, it doesn't mean that your outfit is bound for the ...


Tip #6: The idea of toothpaste getting rid of sharpie marks is right on target. Used it to ... I used it to get sharpie off the side of our family TV and refrigerator!...Alec.


Have you accidentally marked your clothes with permanent ink? Don't worry – read our step-by-step guide to permanent marker removal & wave goodbye to ...