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Trigonometric tables


In mathematics, tables of trigonometric functions are useful in a number of areas. Before the existence of pocket calculators, trigonometric tables were essential ...

Trigonometry Facts: Exact Values of the Trigonometric Functions


Test yourself on the exact values of the six trigonometric functions at the "nice" angles. Click on "Show" and "Hide" in each table cell to control which values are  ...

The Six Trigonometric Functions and Reciprocals


In a right triangle, there are actually six possible trigonometric ratios, or functions. A Greek letter (such as theta or phi ) will now be used to represent the angle.

Table of Trigonometric Identities - SOS Math


Co-Function Identities. displaymath164. Even-Odd Identities. displaymath165. Sum-Difference Formulas. displaymath166. Double Angle Formulas. align99.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions -- from Wolfram MathWorld


The inverse trigonometric functions are the inverse functions of the ... tan^(-1)z . Alternate notations are sometimes used, as summarized in the following table.

Tables of Trigonometric Functions - CliffsNotes


Calculators and tables are used to determine values of trigonometric functions. Most scientific calculators have function buttons to find the sine, cosine, and.

Trigonometry, trigonometric functions, sin, cos, tan, cot - Math


The sine function. sin : R -> R All trigonometric functions are periodic. The period of sin is 2π. The range of the function is [-1,1]. sin graph ...

BioMath: Trigonometric Functions


In this section we will explore the graphs of the six trigonometric functions, beginning ... To sketch a graph of y = cos x we can make a table of values that we can ...

Math.com Trig Functions


Formulas & Tables ... sine(q) = opp/hyp, cosecant(q) = hyp/opp ... The functions are usually abbreviated: sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan) cosecant (csc), ...

Trigonometric Formula Sheet


Trigonometric Formula Sheet. Definition of the Trig Functions. Right Triangle Definition. Assume that: 0 <θ< π. 2 or 0◦ <θ< 90◦ hypotenuse adjacent opposite θ.

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Trig Cheat Sheet


2005 Paul Dawkins. Trig Cheat Sheet. Definition of the Trig Functions. Right triangle definition. For this definition we assume that. 0. 2 π θ. < < or 0. 90 θ. ° < < °.

Trigonometric Table


A complete trigonometric table evaluating every angle from 1 to 360 degrees for each of the six trig functions.

Table for the 6 trigonometric functions for special angles


Apr 2, 2013 ... Table of values of the 6 trigonometric functions sin (x), cos (x), tan(x), cot (x), sec ( x) and csc (x) for special angle values.