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Bananadine is a fictional psychoactive substance which is supposedly extracted from banana peels. A hoax recipe for its "extraction" from banana peel was ...


Basically you coat an orange peel with almost pure fluoride toothpaste, wrap in ... Once the mold is burned off, the orange peels are placed in a plastic ... You're better off finding something to trip on in a dissociate manner at ...


How exactly is smearing toothpaste on an orange peel more natural than shrooms? .... and they shouldn\'t have much mold on them if you burned it off ... peel. Many people have squeezed em and reported a 10/10 trip on em.

Jan 9, 2010 ... toothpaste and orange juice ... How To Get High On Oranges!(drunk/stoned effect ) Its the peel - Duration: 5:38. ... Restricted Mode: Off. History


... in the sun for 3 days. if you eat it its like an acid trip. that what he said. ... nutmeg will fuck you up, but smicking orange zest and pith dried up ...


Needless to say two weeks later I ate the peel and had a level 10 trip off of it. it was like taking shrooms, extacy, lsd and some killer cocaine at one time.


Apr 28, 2002 ... Ask Erowid Question and Answer: Can toothpaste and orange peels make ... from smoking random crap out of the cupboard or off moldy food.


Apr 18, 2017 ... Update As the suggestion of orange peels being Psychoactive has been so controversial ... I used toothpaste, more paste rinsing than scrubbing .... I never thought that would take off until major news outlets started covering it.


Pretty soon he thinks he's an orange and decides he'll have to peel himself, so he starts peeling off his clothes. To this day ... people would take LSD and and their trip would continue beyond the usual twelve to eighteen hours for LSD effects.