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If you are experiencing any issues with your Keyboard such as keys or buttons not working, or feature related issues such as calculator, (including the calculator  ...


How to troubleshoot wired keyboard problems, such as wrong characters getting typed, keyboard shortcuts that don't work, keyboards that aren't detected, and ...


Sep 2, 2009 ... This is not a common problem, but when it happens, either some or all keys ... ( depending on the situation), or features of the keyboard such as b.


May 31, 2017 ... It's not elegant, but it will let you finish whatever you need to do now so you can figure out the main problem with your laptop keyboard later.


Nov 5, 2004 ... Troubleshooting Keyboard Problems. Most of the circuitry associated with the computer's keyboard is located on the keyboard itself. However ...


If a setup menu does not open, the integrated keyboard hardware is not working. The integrated keyboard in the notebook should be serviced or replaced.


Jun 28, 2009 ... Troubleshooting a keyboard that doesn't work at all often tends to be an ... keyboard are not working, there are a few troubleshooting steps you ...


Aug 17, 2011 ... If that doesn't fix the problem, you need to find out if it's a hardware or Windows problem. Try these two tests: First, plug in an external keyboard ...

Aug 7, 2009 ... I finally found a solution for this annoying problem. Check out the video to find out how!