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Famous Music Corporation was the worldwide music publishing division of Paramount Pictures ... For a number of years, Famous Music also had a record label group division which included Blue Thumb Records, Dot Records and Paramount ...


Music plagiarism is the use or close imitation of another author's music while representing it as .... Big Seven Music Corp. again sued Lennon for breach of contract, when his ... determining that two Robert Johnson songs recorded by the group, "Love in ..... James Patrick Page et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings". ..... London. p.


Harrison's use of this idiosyncratic musical device, along the lines of the court's ... the copyright of which is owned by plaintiff, Bright Tunes Music Corp. ... the entire group flew back to London because they had earlier booked time to go to a ...


National Music Publishers Association. Phone: 414.774.3630 ... Wholemeal Music Corp. (partial) * ... The Goodman Group *. Sunflower .... Famous Music Corp. *.


Chicago · London · Los Angeles · New York · Washington DC ... Panama Music Corp. et al v. Universal Music Group Inc.: Jenner & Block won a significant decision the Southern ... Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited v. ... The heirs claimed ownership of the renewal copyrights in some of Marley's famous sound recordings.


Music Sales is an international family of wholly-owned companies with ... Music Sales owns over sixty international publishing houses and more than thirty ...


He represents and advises clients in music, online media and services, ... Citigroup Inc. v. AT&T Servs. Inc., et al. (S.D.N.Y.). Successfully represented NYC Pride, ... Company in litigation regarding Travelers' famous red umbrella trademarks. The Travelers Co. v. Legal & General Group Plc, et al. ... Europe; London · Munich.


This table lists all known music publishers on IMSLP. ... Anglo-Soviet Music Press , A.S.M.P. ##, London, Largely reprints of Muzgiz titles. ..... Across the street he founded a famous instrument shop, where the son ... V. Durdilly & Cie. .... by female composers, inc. many first editions of Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel, et al.


David's practice spans a broad range of industries, including music, film, art, hotels ... Pearson Education, Inc. et al v. ... Represented world-famous rock band in opposition proceedings before the ... Photographic Illustrators Corp. v. ... client Universal Music Corp. d/b/a Universal Music Publishing Group ("UMPG") in a license ...


On September 8, 2003, the recording industry sued 261 American music fans ..... Unfortunately, many of the people in this group cannot afford either to settle or to .... the company the RIAA often hires to monitor and catch suspected filesharers. ..... Lee Rainie, et al., "Music and video downloading moves beyond P2P," Pew ...