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The trumpetfish, Aulostomus maculatus, is a long-bodied fish with an upturned mouth; it often swims vertically while trying to blend with vertical coral, such as ...


The trumpetfishes are three species of highly specialized, tubular-elongated marine fishes in the genus Aulostomus, of the monogeneric family Aulostomidae.


The Atlantic trumpetfish uses its large snout and triangle-shaped head to create a large amount of suction that is concentrated at the mouth (much like a straw), ...


Find out what's known about Trumpetfishes, Aulostomus maculatus, Actinopterygii, Syngnathiformes, Aulostomidae, including their world range and habitats, ...


Image of Aulostomus maculatus (Trumpetfish) ... Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Syngnathiformes (Pipefishes and seahorses) > Aulostomidae (Trumpetfishes)


trumpetfish: Aulostomus any of the three species of marine fishes that constitute the family Aulostomidae (order Gasterosteiformes), found on coral reefs and reef  ...


Aulostomus maculatus | Trumpetfish. ... English language common names include trumpetfish, Atlantic trumpetfish, Caribbean trumpetfish, fifer, and trumpet fish.


The trumpetfishes are characterized by their slender bodies and tremendously long heads, as well as by the fact that the anterior bones of the skull are ...


Trumpetfish, also known as Atlantic Trumpetfish, Caribbean Trumpetfish, Corneta (in Spanish-speaking regions) and Fifer, are slender, elongate fish with a large ...