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Learn how to safely thaw a frozen turkey with help from Butterball®.

Turkey Basics: Safe Thawing


Turkeys must be kept at a safe temperature during "the big thaw." While frozen, a turkey is safe indefinitely. However, as ...

How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey | Tips & Tricks | Jennie-O® Turkey


Thawing a whole turkey in the refrigerator is recommended. If short on time, you may thaw the turkey in cold water in the original packaging, making sure the ...

How Not to Thaw a Frozen Turkey - Culinary Arts - About.com


There are four ways to thaw a frozen turkey — and three of them are bad. Each one, for one reason or another, increases the likelihood of someone coming ...

3 Ways to Defrost a Turkey - wikiHow


How to Defrost a Turkey. It's the stuff of turkey nightmares: Thanksgiving is here, and you've forgotten to defrost your turkey. Or you started defrosting it too late, ...

Safely Thawing a Thanksgiving Turkey Takes Planning | Food ...


Nov 23, 2015 ... Turkey-frozen_406x250 If you're defrosting a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to start now. There are only three safe ways ...

Buying And Thawing A Turkey - Allrecipes Dish


Want some tips on how to pick out and thaw a turkey? We've got helpful bird- buying hints for getting your meal off to a great start on Thanksgiving.

What's the fastest way to thaw a frozen turkey? | HowStuffWorks


Each year, thousands of Americans attempt to cook their first Thanksgiving turkey . These same people quickly realize it takes a heck of a lot more work to thaw ...

How To Safely Thaw A Turkey - Huffington Post


Nov 18, 2015 ... There's a lot to remember when it comes time to cooking up a Thanksgiving turkey; it's easy to drop the ball on one or two steps. But one thing ...

How to Safely Defrost a Turkey - Reviewed.com Refrigerators


Nov 23, 2015 ...Defrosting”—that is, making your turkey just warm enough to melt the ice crystals inside, but still cold enough to prevent bacterial growth—is a ...

To thaw a frozen turkey, place the wrapped turkey in a pan in the refrigerator, and let it stand for 24 hours per 5 pounds of turkey
Turkey can also be thawed by placing it in a sealed plastic bag in cold water, replacing the water every 30 minutes, for 30 minutes per pound.
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How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey (And How Not To)| StillTasty.com ...


You'll need to take special care when defrosting your Thanksgiving turkey, since some approaches (like defrosting it on the counter) are unsafe. You've got at ...

Turkey Thawing Chart | FoodSafety.gov


Turkey Size. In the Refrigerator (Approximately 24 hours for every 4-5 lbs.) In Cold Water (Approximately 30 minutes per lb.) 4 to 12 pounds. 1 to 3 days.

What to Do If Your Turkey Is Still Frozen — Real Life Advice | The ...


Nov 25, 2015 ... The best way to thaw a turkey is to leave it in the fridge for a few days, but if you're reading this, then that option has probably passed you by.