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Chelonia mydas [popup] Green turtle... Chelydra serpentina [popup] ... Wood Turtle... Glyptemys muhlenbergii [popup] Bog Turtle... Gopherus berlianderi [ popup]

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Identifying the sex of a turtle is commonly done by look- ing at the shape of the bottom shell—flat for females; concave for males. Turtles' shells are important for  ...

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Identifying characteristics: A low-profile, dome-shelled turtle is named by its distinctive top shell (carapace) that has a pattern of yellow lines that resemble erratic ...

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Turtle Identification Key ... Painted Turtle (Formerly Northern Painted Turtle) Range ... Snapping Turtle (Formerly Common Snapping Turtle) Range ...

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Learn how to identify the 13 native species of turtles in the Northeastern United States.

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Looking to learn more about Turtle Species or to identify all the different types of turtles? Click here for pictures and free care guides!

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how to identify turtles. Monitoring. Turtles can be highly aquatic (staying in water most of their lives) or semi-aquatic. You are most likely to see turtles out and ...

Turtle Identification - American Museum of Natural History


To help understand turtle movements we are developing methods for using the scale patterns on a turtle's head to identify and recognize individual animals.

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Identification: 8" - 14". This turtle is the largest in New Jersey and is very dull and dark, perfectly camouflaged for its foraging in the muck of ponds and riverbeds.

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Midland Smooth Softshell Turtle. Apalone m. mutica. Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle ... Pennsylvania Herp Identification is an educational tool for the public on the ...