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Turtles are reptiles of the order Testudines (or Chelonii) characterised by a special bony or .... Amphibious turtles normally have limbs similar to those of tortoises, except that the feet are webb...

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Beleive it or not, turtles are reptiles not amphibians. They are considered reptiles because when you are an amphibian, you don't live in water. Turtles also don't ...

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Jun 10, 2016 ... I understand that turtles are reptiles because like all reptiles, they have scales on their body. But turtles (specifically sea turtles) live on both ...

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Nov 18, 2013 ... Topic: I'm doing research on turtles and need to know if they are reptiles or if they are amphibians. It makes sense for turtles to be reptiles ...

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Water can evaporate easily from the skin, and an amphibian can dry up and die in a few ... The reptiles of Quebec are represented by turtles and snakes only.

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Turtles are reptiles, not amphibians. People often mistake them for amphibians due to the misunderstanding about the term amphibian. The word amphibian r.

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Learn about sea turtles - among the oldest creatures on earth. ... Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish · Alligator · Alligator Snapping Turtle · Arboreal Salamander.

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Are bears mammals, reptiles or amphibians? Bears are mammals. Mammals have hair or fur. They are warm-blooded animals. Young mammals feed on their  ...

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In British English, a turtle is a type of reptile which either lives in the sea or in ... Admittedly, reptiles and amphibians are both types of cold-blooded creature and,  ...

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Though they have a seemingly amphibious lifestyle, all turtles are very much reptiles. They are as much a reptile as a crocodile or alligator, living in the water is just ...

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Turtles are not classified as amphibians. Turtles are classified as reptiles like tortoises, snakes, lizards and alligators. A few common amphibians include frogs,  ...

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A gecko is a reptile and a salamander is an amphibian. What are reptiles ... Reptiles: Snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, and alligators are all reptiles.

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The name is derived from herpetology which is a branch of zoology that studies reptiles and amphibians. Herpetology includes turtles, snakes, lizards, tortoises, ...