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Aug 11, 2010 ... ... those who want to become a better sniper in first person shooter games. ... 3 Tips to Improve at Any FPS Game (Black Ops 2 Gameplay ...

How to Be a Good Sniper in Any Game: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Be a Good Sniper in Any Game. Ever wonder why you will be walking down some deserted ally in your first-person shooter game and suddenly, ...

A guide to Aiming/Sniping: Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Training ...


Apr 25, 2015 ... But, not any sniper rifle (we'll get into that in a minute. But first, let's go ... A lot of players demonize FPS games for adding a ton of aim-assist over the years. .... If you get a good roll with high stability it's the best sniper IMHO.

How can I aim better/kill people more often in first person shooters ...


When I play FPS games, I find that I can rarely kill people before ... For shotguns and sniper rifles it means that must be confident that you are going to hit your enemy when you shoot. .... There isn't any tricks to getting better.

Are there guides I can read to improve my aim on FPS ... - Arqade


While I am not very good, I manage to almost always be in top 5 players on .... Just like a sniper adjusts for windage, if you're playing online and you ... Ironically , my aim in Halo is some of the worst in all console FPS games.

team fortress 2 - What's the secret to playing Sniper? - Arqade


Are there any secrets to playing this class? ... Playing sniper on low fps values is just futile, I've discovered. ... This ensures that even if the other sniper is better than you, he'll respect you and probably compliment your own ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: An Addiction To Heads: A Sniper Guide


Mar 27, 2013 ... This guide is intended for snipers of all skill levels from beginner to ... Good aim is a must when playing sniper and when you can't aim very well ...

Ultimate Guide to Sniping in Combat Arms - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game ...


For all of you who want to be a sniper like this guy: YouTube - Combat Arms ... View Poll Results: Did you find this tutorial helpful at all? ... This is a long process, but if you don't have fast reflexes, then you'll be lacking a key ingredient in any FPS game. ... REFLEXES ARE KEY TO BEING A GOOD SNIPER!

How does one become a very good sniper in counter strike? - Quora


It requires a high level of skill in order to play the role of a dedicated sniper for your team. ... Try to get a decent fps from your gaming system. .... A mouse with good sensor and no accelration And a mousepad which works for you. ... skill from online( tons of tutorials) Then Practise A Lot U Then U Will Become Very Good .

Tips to Improve Aim in Overwatch (And any other FPS) | eSports ...


Mar 2, 2016 ... Tips to Improve Aim in Overwatch (And any other FPS) ... With any skill the best way to improve is with practice. ... skills through their Training modes, which is either tutorial-based, or allows you to play in a free-roaming range ...