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Is it really right to say something like Twelve hundred instead of One ...


Jan 18, 2016 ... Yes. It's absolutely fine, correct and proper. It's more common in American English, .... leave it out. There's really no difference in how you spell out the number. (Thus, you can also say: two thousand, seven hundred fifty.) ...

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Aguila, 40 gr., copper plated lead round nose .22 lr ammunition. Muzzle velocity, 1,250 fps., muzzle energy, 139 ft. lbs. ... Fifty rounds per box. $17.50 per ... (New) Remington 597 .22 Long Rifle semi automatic. ..... Muzzle velocity 1,200 fps.

Airgun Ballistics - Crosman


... for the .22 long rifle cartridge fires a 40-grain bullet at approximately 1200 ft/sec . A powerful .22 caliber air rifle such as a Benjamin Discovery or Marauder fires ... Pellets used in air rifles do not have the aerodynamic efficiency of bullets used .... the same rifle is fired with the same pellet at an altitude of a few hundred...

Why you DON'T want to break the sound barrier | Air gun blog ...


Aug 23, 2011 ... .22-caliber Browning Gold air rifle: Part 3 → ...... I have an extensive article with photos of recovered pellets from the 1200 to 1650 fps air rifles. ... I was introduced to the sound of supersonic bullets, when taking my turn in the ... I wanted the best 'kill' power at fifty, my criteria being able to shoot ...

Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk | Airgun Depot


availability In Stock; Code: 9-CD1K77NP · 0.177 cal · 1200 fps ·. Qty ... After about 50 rounds through it I finally got the scope dead on and hasn't moved a mm since . I have a ... The rifle is not bad great power but the scope after 5 shots the crosshair tilted to one side. .... I have had the crosman venom in .22 for over two yea...

Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm - CHUCKHAWKS.COM


Whatever firearm and caliber you select, you must practice firing hundreds, ..... Winchester also offers a Defender 40 grain JHP self-defense load in .22 .... If your .380 chokes on other JHP loads, try fifty rounds of the Remington 88 grain through your gun and see if it ..... Sig Sauer Elite 180 grain V-Crown (MV 1250 fps)

Benjamin Titan NP® | Airgun Depot


The Benjamin Titan air rifle provides the smoothest shooting with the nitro piston ... Caliber 0.177 cal; Velocity 1200 fps; Condition Refurbished; Ammo Type ... Unfortunately the new one is inconsistent at fifty feet. ... I bought 2 of these refurbished 22 cal Nitro's over 3 years ago. ...... Bullet speed is Plus 1250 with good am...

Hunting with Spring Piston Airguns | Afield on Airguns


Oct 4, 2012 ... Springers permit the hunter to grab a gun, some pellets, and hit the ... A 14 grain pellet moving at 1000 fps yields more power that a 7 grain pellet moving at 1200 fps. ... This is plenty of power for small game out to forty or fifty yards, and ..... quite a bit and the lack of ammo, especially .22 rimfire, is killing m...

Common Handgun Cartridges - Genitron.com


.22 Short Introduced: 1857 .22 Short ... Cartridge Length: 1.03, in, Muzzle Velocities: from, 1050, to, 1200, ft/sec ... .22 LR (.22 Long Rifle) Introduced: 1887 ... Due to the high supersonic velocity, .22 WMR cartridges are loaded with jacketed bullets. .... Cartridge Length: 1.55, in, Muzzle Velocities: from, 710, to, 1250, ft/sec.


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Mar 17, 2015 ... commercial success, rifle magazines of more than ten rounds had ... Hundred Years Old ... centuries, with such guns first issued to the British army in 1658.22 .... models had twelve independently-firing barrels,36 and there were ..... .22 caliber rifles with detachable magazines of fifty or twenty-nine rounds.

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Numbers: 1200 - 'one thousand two hundred' or 'twelve hundred ...


is it the same when I say for exemple about 1200: "one thousand ... "Five Thousand, Three Hundred and Four" = Fifty Three Hundred and Four".

Ammo can round count - THR


3300rds of 22lr will fit in to a 30cal ammo can. 100rds of 12ga 2.75 ... 750 .45, or 1050 to 1100 .38 Spl, or 1200 9MM fit in a 30 Cal ammo can. Loose that is. ... in . 30 Caliber can 1250 5.56 in a SAW can ( with a little room left ) .... I use the thirty cal, cans for loaded ammo and the fifty for cast bullets. Talk about ...

Tomahawk .177 cal Hollow Point Pellet | Gamo USA


Gamo is the leading producer of precision lead ammunition for air rifles. ... Sighted my big cat 1200 with tomahawk, seem to be pretty accurate ... ok so these pellets are nice and accurate groupings from my gamo rocket 1250 and i got a 1 ... to crossman and daisy pellets. now i easily pick off sparrows from fifty yards, and ...