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There are several preserved two-headed snakes on display in the ... A two- headed ladder snake, Elaphe scalaris, was discovered near ...


Feb 22, 2017 ... Welcome back to Giz Asks, a series where we ask experts hard questions about science, technology, and humanity's future. Today, we're ...

Jun 13, 2013 ... While two headed snakes are rare, they do occur in both the wild and in captivity at a rate of about 1 in 10000 births. Polycephaly is the ...


Feb 15, 2016 ... Two-headed snakes are now a terrifying reality. A 'Siamese samurai snake' born in Australia has left a breeder stunned.


A mutant albino milk snake named Medusa survives its first feeding.


Mar 26, 2017 ... Walking in her yard in Santa Fe, Argentina, one recent morning, Luján Eroles found what appeared to be a two-headed snake. At about four ...


Sep 30, 2016 ... A two-headed rat snake found in a Central Texas backyard will soon be part of an exhibit.


Apr 2, 2017 ... With two heads it looks like the stuff of nightmares but this double-headed snake is a real-life monster. The triple-ended baby snake was found ...


Apr 11, 2016 ... A two-headed snake in Kansas The two-headed snake shares one body but they have very different attitudes (Photo: Jason Talbott/Caters).


Medusa is an Albino Honduran Milk Snake who exhibits axial bifurcation: she has two heads who have independent thoughts and are each able to control the  ...