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Kosher animals are those that comply with the regulations of Jewish dietary law and are ... Leviticus 11:3-8 and Deuteronomy 14:4-8 both give the same general set of rules for ... The pig, for havin...

How Many Legs Does 2 Monkeys, 4 Pigs And 3 Chickens Have ...


Answer (1 of 124): 262 monkeys = 4+4 pigs = 16+3 Chickens = 6.

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How many dogs and how many chickens does he have? ... Each chicken has two legs and each dog has four; together the 48 animals have 134 legs. ... 2d = 96 (3) Then I have two equations 2c + 4d = 134 (2) 2c + 2d = 96 (3) ...

SOLUTION: A farmer has both pigs and chickens on his farm. There ...


How many pigs and how many chickens are there? ... chicken legs is 2 times the number of chickens (2C), then the total number of legs is 4P + 2C. ... Just as another check, the 12 pigs have a total of 4*12 = 48 legs and the 15 chickens have

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Check out our funny Animal Jokes at Funology, and have your kids laughing out loud! ... Q: What has four legs and goes “Oom, Oom”? ... Q: What do you call a pig that's been arrested for dangerous driving? ... But during the second half,a centipede scored so many touchdowns that the little ... There were two cows in a field.

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What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig? (A teddy boar!) ... Clerk: How many birds do you have? Silly boy: ... (Three Blind Mice!) Why can't ... What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn? (An eggroll!) ... What do you call a cow with two legs? ..... Where should a monkey go when he loses his tail?

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Find the human, rhesus monkey, kangaroo, snapping turtle, bullfrog, and tuna on the ... 2. Compare the human amino acid sequence with each of these five animals ... 3. The cladogram diagram below shows the relationship of selected animals ... Chickens and turkeys are both birds and have the same sequence of amino ...

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May 16, 2011 ... The purple frog spends much of the year living 13 feet below ground. They only come up for air for two weeks during monsoon season in order ... blond setae ( resembling fur) covering its pereiopods (thoracic legs, .... The females also have big noses compared to other monkey .... Do they taste like chicken?

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Jun 14, 2008 ... What do you call a cow with only two legs? -Lean Beef. .... There are 5 fish in a tank and 4 of them drown how many are left? ... four 1.open the door 2. take out the elephant 3. put in the girffe 4. close the door duh… ..... They both have wheels except for the monkey. .... Why did the chicken fall out of the tree?

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How many more does she have to buy to have 4 Bratz dolls? 9. Talour had ... How many blocks does Sam have left? 2. Ethan had 4 puppies. He gave 3 puppies to Jayce. .... monkeys did Connor have to start with? 12. .... Mrs. Hummel has 8 chicken nuggets. ..... There were _____ pigs in the pen and _____ pigs in the barn.

Two monkeys have 4 legs, four pigs have 16 legs, and three chickens have 6 legs. All together, there are 26 legs.
4 + 16 + 6 = 26
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On the bed there are two dogs, four cats, a giraffe, five cows and a duck. There are also three chickens flying above the bed. ... Because you are on your feet the bed has no legs chickens don't fly which means they would be on the floor but ...

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How many more chickens were there in the farm? Note: Each pig ... Each chicken has 2 legs and each pig has 4 legs ... Subtract equation (3) from equation (2).

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Monkeys have four legs, two used as arms, two solely as legs. ... twenty six legs in all 4 pigs x 4 legs = 16 legs 3 chickens + 2 monkeys = 10 Total = 26 legs.