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The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding  ...

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Oct 30, 2013 ... I tried to find 10 more really good puns that made me laugh, but no pun in 10 ... It's hard to get any work done with these two hanging around:.

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Homographic puns are created in one of two ways: either by using a word that has two different meanings, or by substituting a word with the exact same spelling  ...

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We have begun with four champion puns: one with four punning words, another with three, and two more with two. We have never heard more than fout ...

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"A Pun is a joke or type of wordplay in which similar senses or sounds of two words or phrases, or different senses of the same word, are deliberately confused ; ...

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A pun is a play on words in which a humorous effect is produced by using a word that suggests two or more meanings or by exploiting similar sounding words ...

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A play on words, usually for a comic reception. ... A pun involving a word with two possible meanings -- Nurse, to young woman about to receive a vaccination:

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Read enough of our funny puns, and you'll be punstoppable. ... At the Beginning He Had Me Confused, but by Minute Two I Knew that I Shouldn't ..... New Words.

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Nov 21, 2015 ... A full conversation of terrible (as in, awesome) animal puns. By Abraham Over 1 million people just like you 'Like' us » ...

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This 6-word Puzzle Is Meant for Kids but It's Stumping Adults. By Christina Caldwell Over 1 million people just like you 'Like' us » ...

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A pun is a grammatical effect which exploits two words or expressions that sound the same or similar, but have two different meanings. Separately the word pun ...

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The double meaning jokes here may at first show a little discrepuncy. Do not be alarmed though. The pun is intended. They are a hilarious play on words.

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Absolutely hillarious puns one-liners! Large collection of best puns one-line jokes rated by viewers. ... Spread the word ♥. See our new one liners or check one ...