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Apr 26, 2011 ... You answer must be accurate to the nearest second. Is there any website that can answer these type of riddles for me? Or perhaps an app?

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A more difficult riddle is, "Apples for leather, leather for silk, silk for tobacco, all to get milk." The answer, revealed on Riddles Brain Teasers, is "bartering.".

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Try our best riddles and answers in the best riddles section. Here we list the top rated, really good riddles and puzzles for you to solve, rate, and share. ... Follow us and get the Riddle of the Day, Joke of the Day, and interesting updates.

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The best selection of good riddles and answers from all categories such as funny ... At GoodRiddlesNow.com we rate each one of our riddles before being ... Follow us and get the Riddle of the Day, Joke of the Day, and interesting updates.

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What am I riddles are riddles in which you must identify what is being ... Follow us and get the Riddle of the Day, Joke of the Day, and interesting updates.

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Best riddles available in a convenient manner. Check us out and look for the best riddles you can find, if you find something you like consider sharing it with your friends. ... Latest Riddles. Prev. 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Please Answer Logic ... Riddle Type .

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Jun 16, 2013 ... What the Riddle Answers for all levels of the game on iPhone, iPad, Android with question and answers. ... 2:u give at least one correct answer then give up u get the answer. 3;u have to tell the .... Type in the riddle to google.

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Now take the corn over and come back alone to get the goose. Take the goose over ... There are two types of riddles, enigmas and conundrums. An enigma is a  ...

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Answer: The letter H. All of the letters in the series flipped vertically remain the same. .... When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

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There are two basic types of riddles: enigmas and conundrums. ... The correct answer may be so obvious that you initially dismiss it. ... Thus, if you do a lot of crossword puzzles, you'll probably get very good at crossword puzzles, but you may ...

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Several websites offer answers to riddles, including GoodRiddlesNow, ... Type in a Riddle and Get the Answer · Answer to All Riddles · Help Me Solve a Riddle ...

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Riddles and puzzles are a natural reaction to the human brain's inquisitive nature . ... can do, if you have access to the Internet, is to type the riddle into a search engine. ... One other possibility is you might get an answer to a riddle that isn't the  ...

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... add two letters to it? Show Answer ... Riddle #2 (easy). Save · Comments ... Follow us and get the Riddle of the Day, Joke of the Day, and interesting updates.