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An allergen is a type of antigen that produces an abnormally vigorous immune response in ... Another type of allergens are urushiol, a resin produced by poison ivy and poison oak, which causes the s...

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Types of Allergies. Allergies, including allergic rhinitis, affect an estimated 40 million to 50 million people in the United States. Some allergies may interfere with ...

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Sneezing, difficulty breathing, cramps, and vomiting–all are allergy symptoms. Learn the types of allergies, specific allergy symptoms, and emergency warning ...

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Learn about the different types of allergies, including causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

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In this section, we cover all of the many types of allergic conditions, including allergies to food, drugs, airborne allergens and those affecting the skin.

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Sep 29, 2013 ... By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD. Allergies are over-reactions of the immune system in certain individuals to seemingly and generally harmless ...

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This type of allergy is characterised by the immediate onset of symptoms (within seconds or minutes). Usually the skin or mucous membranes are affected.

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Mar 21, 2012 ... ... 50 million Americans are allergic to something — whether pollen, peanuts, or pet dander. Learn some of the most common kinds of allergies.

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It reacts by causing an allergic reaction. Substances that cause allergic reactions are allergens. There are many types of allergies. Some allergies are seasonal ...

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There are different types of food allergy reactions. A food allergy occurs when the body's immune system sees a certain food as harmful and reacts by causing ...

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Popular Forms of Food Allergies Find out more about the allergy you suffer from: Corn Allergy.

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Learn about the different types of allergies and what you can do about them. Read on!

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What is an allergy? An allergy is a specific reaction of the body's immune system to a normally harmless substance, one that does not bother most people.