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Apes (Hominoidea) are a branch of Old World tailless anthropoid primates native to Africa and ... There are seven extant species of great apes: two in the orangutans (genus Pongo), two in the gorill...

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Move your mouse over the different species pictures for more information about each one. To enter a species specific page, click on the species of interest or ...

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Primates are mammals that share the following characteristics: ... There are two types of lesser apes: gibbons (SE Asia) and siamangs (SE Asia). There are four ...

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The different types of apes are gibbons, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and bonobos, explains HowStuffWorks. In addition, due to recent discoveries in ...

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The smallest and the most arboreal apes are the 12-13 species of gibbons. Because of their diminutive size, these members of the family Hylobatidae are also ...

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Types of monkeys - all different kinds of monkeys and pictures of old world monkeys, new world monkeys, apes, orangutans, big and small. What animal could ...

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Read the names, habits, characteristics and living places of apes. There are four types of apes in the world.

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There are more than 260 species of Monkeys found in the world today. They are derived from early primates that have been around for millions of years. There ...

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May 22, 2011 ... This list looks at ten apes (individual apes, not whole species) that exemplify extraordinary mental faculty or physical skills, for which they ...

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Can you tell the difference between an ape and a monkey? Many people call all primates monkeys, when in fact apes and monkeys are two kinds of animals ...

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WKPRC Ape List. MPI - Department of Psychology ... The homo species have probably evolved from fossils of the genus Australopithecus. Homo habilis showed ...

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Many people confuse apes with monkeys, but they are quite different. There are hundreds of species of monkeys and only 19 species of apes. Gibbons and ...

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May 29, 2015 ... In fact, people are apes; humans share about 98 percent of their DNA with chimpanzees. The non-human types of apes are divided into two ...