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An architectural style is characterized by the features that make a building or other structure notable and historically identifiable. A style may include such ...

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Your goal is a noble one, and a common reason for others to enter into the field of architecture as well. As an architect, the “type” of job you have could.

26 Popular Architectural Home Styles | Home Exterior Projects ...


From log house mansions to Mediterranean abodes, learn about the most popular home styles, their history and the key elements of each style.

Greek architectural orders | A beginner's guide to ancient Greece ...


Read and learn for free about the following article: Greek architectural orders. ... Doric orderThe Doric order is the earliest of the three Classical orders of architecture and ... drawings and engravings, Europe suddenly demanded Greek forms.

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"An Order in architecture is a certain assemblage of parts subject to uniform established ... column employed. Three ancient orders of architecture—the Doric, Ionic, and .... The Greek fo...

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Of the three columns found in Greece, Doric columns are the simplest. ... There are also two other types of classical orders, the Tuscan and the Composite.

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Italian architecture, the several styles employed in Italy after the Roman period. The Romanesque Italy's Romanesque architecture (12th cent.) reveals the first ...

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Italy has a very broad and diverse architectural style, which cannot be simply classified by ... The two styles that are often considered one body of classical architecture. This approach is conside...

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Introduction Italian architecture, the several styles employed in Italy after the Roman.

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