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List of duck breeds


The domestic duck, like other poultry species, has many breeds. Most are derived from the wild mallard, while a minority are descendants of the Muscovy duck.

Waterfowl ID - Ducks Unlimited


Ducks Unlimited's waterfowl identification gallery: Quick tips to identify ducks and ... Click on a species name below to see more photos, learn details and even ...

A List of Different Duck Types With Examples - Birding and Wild Birds


List of the different types of duck categories with brief descriptions of what makes each one distinct. Examples of species are also given.

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Explore the various species of North American waterfowl divided into these five ... Our Waterfowl ID guide has everything you need to recognize ducks, swans ...

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Ring-necked Duck, Redhead. Redhead, Wood Duck, Wood Duck, Wood Duck. Mottled Duck, Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

Species of Ducks / Mallards / Wigeons: A - O - AvianWeb


Species of Ducks / Mallards / Wigeons - A - O: Origin, Description, Photos, Diet and Breeding.

Domestic Duck Breeds - poultrykeeper.com


Duck Breed Information and Photos for all Standardised Breeds in the British Waterfowl Standards.

Ducks at a Distance Waterfowl ID Guide - Washington Department of ...


Recognizing the species of ducks and geese can be rewarding to birdwatchers and hunters—and the ducks. Hunters can contribute to their own sport by not.

ODFW, Oregon Wildlife Species: Swans, ducks and geese


Nov 30, 2015 ... Bird Species of Oregon: In addition to native bird species, introduced species, accidentals and birds that are currently expanding their ranges ...

7 Types of Ducks to Look for This Spring | Birds & Blooms


Many ducks are already beginning their trek for spring migration. Here are 7 types of ducks that you are likely to see during migration season.

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Types of Duck - Identify Wild Ducks - Pictures of Ducks - Wildfowl ...


Mar 30, 2016 ... Types of Duck - Quickly Identify Wild Ducks around the world - Wildfowl Photography.

Ducks | North American Bird Species | CCNAB


There are at least twenty-eight types of ducks living in North America, not included in these water birds are the eiders, loons, mergansers, smews, scoters and ...

Duck Breeds – Types of Ducks – Duck Breed Comparison


Use this table of duck breeds to compare all the different types of ducks for sale at Metzer Farms. This data comes from our experience on the farm, feedback ...