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edit]. In a 2005 Gallup poll (U.S.A.), a national sample of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 were asked what ...

The (Only) 5 Fears We All Share | Psychology Today

There are only five basic fears, out of which almost all of our other so-called fears are manufactured.

Type of Fear - Changing Minds

There are a number different types of fear, all of which drive people powerfully. This makes these important to understand.

Types of Fear | Dealing With Fear

There are two types of fear, deluded or unhealthy and non-deluded or healthy. These can also be divided into fear of the inevitable and fear of the evitable.
Needle phobia is more common than you might think for people with type 1 diabetes. This is an especially difficult problem for children with type 1 and their parents. What methods have you used to make fear of needles less of an obstacle to getting the daily insulin t... More »
By Gary Gilles, Guide

Top 10 Strong Human Fears - Listverse

Sep 30, 2011 ... Fear is an emotion that protects us from the threats in our ... and their explanations, but none where these types of fears were discussed. This is ...

The 3 Types of Fear That Can Hold You Back - Do Something Cool

Dec 12, 2010 ... Fear is an emotion that tells you to avoid or escape from an unwanted situation. That would be helpful if you're being stalked by a lion in the ...

What is Fear? Types of Phobias and Their Meanings -

Fear is an emotion. It is generally induced when the subject perceives a threat. Phobia is the Greek word for 'fear' and can be defined as the “excessive or ...

Facing the Two Types of Fears - The Sales Blog

Dec 7, 2014 ... Innate Fears. The first type are inborn, innate fears. Everybody has these fears at some level, even if they've learned to ignore a good many of ...

What does the Bible say about fear? -

Answer: The Bible mentions two specific types of fear. The first type is beneficial and is to be encouraged. The second type is a detriment and is to be overcome.

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Q: What are some types of fears?
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Q: How many types of fear are there?
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Q: What are the different types of fear?
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Q: What type of fear is this?
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Q: What are different types of fears?
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