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Nightmares are dreams that are scary or disturbing. They cause anxiety and fear, even after you wake up. People of all ages have nightmares, but they are more common in children. Nightmares usually begin before age 10, and girls are more likely to be troubled by them. Except in the case of post-traumatic stress disorder,... More »
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One definition of "nightmare" is a dream which causes one to wake ... This type of event occurs on average once per month.


Oct 31, 2012 ... In this chilling type of nightmare, you feel as though you are being contacted or approached by someone who is dead. This can either be by ...


Although dreams and nightmares can be different for every person every night, there are some recurrent dreams and types of nightmares that many people ...


Jul 21, 2012 ... 5 types of nightmares. Ever dreamed of being trapped in an elevator? Or of being chased by a killer? Or of trying to escape a torrent of hot, ...


Sep 6, 2016 ... WebMD explains disruptive sleep disorders -- called parasomnias -- that range from night terrors to sleep paralysis to bedwetting.


Isolated nightmares are normal, but when dreams that bring extreme terror or ... type of research will likely contribute to developing treatments for nightmares.


Unpleasant as they may be, nightmares are an essential part of dreaming. While our more enjoyable dreams are spurred by wishes and desires, nightmares are ...


Apr 1, 2000 ... Frequent nightmares are not related to underlying psychopathology in ... Type of dream, Incidence, Symptoms, Sleep stage, Associated factors ...


And over the years I've categorized my dreams into six broad types. ... In the Western world, nightmares are any normal dreams with a very scary twist.