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This is a list of toxins, poisons, chemical weapons, and biological weapons from works of ... This is the list for fictional poisons, the toxins that are used to hurt or kill on an ... When characters enter the purple mist, they quickly start taking poison .... Ir, a radioactive isotope of iridium which causes a similar type of poisoning is a ...


Dec 2, 2012 ... Here is a list of the most famous poisons used to kill people throughout ... There are three forms of mercury which are extremely dangerous. ... The Botulinum toxin causes Botulism, a fatal condition if not treated immediately.


Nov 18, 2013 ... That said the most common form of poisoning occurs from eating castor .... and killed instantly, all those people in Bhopal, India on December 3, ...


Original Question: Science of Everyday Life: Which poison can kill an adult human the fastest? ... This is in fact a rather common method of assassination, even following technical mistakes — one ... What types of poisons can instantly kill you?


Apr 14, 2005 ... He took seven days to die after an assassin fired a poison pellet into him, using an ... Research has showed one gram can kill 80,000 people.


common and dangerous poisons, poison control, poison center, poison, ... Pesticides: chemicals to kill bugs and other pests must be used carefully to ... If swallowed, they must be diluted immediately to limit the damage that rapidly occurs.


Aug 1, 2006 ... Anthrax (inhaled) Cutaneous exposure can kill, but the most deadly, ... (ingested or inhaled) Cyanide exists in a number of lethal forms that are ...


Long before our modern industries developed the cleaning products, industrial solvents, and drugs that can kill when misused, people used simple plants to ...


Nov 13, 2014 ... Poison of any kind, be it chemical, food borne or naturally occurring, has been ... deadly, killing a human in less than ten minutes. In fact, the poison ... quickly turn into massive respiratory failure as the Anthrax shuts down a ...


Do you have a fictional character you need to kill, but you don't want them strangled or ... Following are a few different types of poisons, their effects on the body, and ... The effects occur almost instantly when the cyanide is swallowed, causing ...