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In elementary geometry, a polygon /ˈpɒlɪɡɒn/ is a plane figure that is bounded by a finite ... Classification[edit]. Some different types of polygon ...

Types of Polygons


Types of polygons, convex, concave, equilateral, equiangular, regular, irregular, types of polygons based on number of sides, triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, ...

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In this interactive game you have to quickly name different types of polygons based on given clues. For each question you will have only 30 seconds to write ...

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A polygon is a plane shape that has at least three sides. Etymologically, they have multiple (poly) angles (gonia). In other words, a two-dimensional object which ...

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Nov 11, 2013 ... Hello, BodhaGuru Learning proudly presents an animated video in English which explains what polygons are. It describes properties of ...

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The different types of polygons include convex, concave, regular, irregular, simple or complex. Polygons will have half of these...

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Types of Polygons Regular - all angles are equal and all sides are the same length. Regular polygons are both equiangular and ...

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An interactive math lesson about types of polygons based on number of sides.

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Polygon definition and properties. ... It is initially an irregular polygon; change it by clicking on "make regular", and change the number of ... Types of Polygon ...

Types of Polygons!

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Types of Polygons ... *Regular polygons: All angles are equal and all sides are the same length. ... Press the play button below to hear a song about polygons!

A polygon is a closed, two dimensional figure composed of line segments. Squares, hexagons, rectangles and concave octagons are all polygons.
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Types of polygons - Basic mathematics


This lesson will explore types of polygons based on the number of sides.

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Types of Polygons. Regular or Irregular. A regular polygon has all angles equal and all sides equal, otherwise it is irregular ...

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Learn about the essential properties of plane shapes, polygons. Our easy to follow ... There are two main types of polygon - regular and irregular. A regular ...