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Tyrannosaurus rex primarily ate herbivore dinosaurs, including the Edmontosaurus and the Triceratops. Studies suggest that the Tyrannosaurus rex also practiced cannibalism. Paleont...

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Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest land carnivores of all time; the largest complete specimen, located at the Field Museum of Natural History under the ...

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Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived. Everything about this ferocious predator, from its thick, heavy skull to its ...

Here's where you can find some basic facts about T. Rex: This brief profile of Tyrannosaurus Rex includes information about this dinosaur's habit, territory, size and weight, and other basic information. A Brief History of Tyrannosaurus Rex explains how this dinosaur w... More »
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Oct 31, 2014 ... Aside from being one of the largest of the known carnivorous dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rexT. rex, for short — is the dinosaur that has ...

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Tyrannosaurus rex, the largest meat-eating dinosaur (except, perhaps, for Giganotosaurus). T. rex walked on two powerful legs with claws, had tiny two- fingered ...

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Tyrannosaurus fossils have shown toothmarks that could have only been made by their own kind, though we've never seen a T. rex family feud at Jurassic World  ...

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A tremendous skeleton of Tyrannosaurus now stands guard in the Valley Life ... In the dinosaur movie Jurassic Park, T.rex is depicted moving extremely quickly, ...

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Q: What was the Tyrannosaurus Rexs habitat?
A: im pretty sure it was the grasslands Read More »
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Q: What color was a tyrannosaurus rex?
A: No one really knows. It could have been any color but we assume green based on their similarities to modern repitles. Read More »
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Q: How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex
A: 1 Draw a rectangle and a line. 2 Add two ovals and two rectangles. 3 Draw an oval, three rectangles and a triangle. 4 Draw lines which will connect most of the ... Read More »
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Q: How Was Tyrannosaurus Rex Discovered?
A: Easily the most famous dinosaur that ever lived, Tyrannosaurus Rex. is a case study in how much we know-and how much we don’t know-about how dinosaurs behaved m... Read More »
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Q: What is the plural of Tyrannosaurus Rex?
A: There is no change, the plural and singular form of t-rex is Tyrannosaurus Read More »
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