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Apr 23, 2012 ... Twenty-three thousand four hundred twenty-eight dollars and no cents ... Twenty- three thousand, four hundred and twenty-eight dollars, and thirty-two cents ... In US English and is used only to separate Dollars and cents. ... Browse other questions tagged numbers speech money or ask your own question.


I would write 'US dollars thirteen thousand, five hundred and eight, and ... Five Hundred Eight United States Dollars and Twenty Cents. ... "Only" is used after written currency amounts when there are no cents, as an alternative ...


1, 530,450 or "one million, five hundred thirty thousand, four hundred fifty." ... 3) Numbers with decimals (which are not currency values) are written out always. EX: 0.83. 0.93. 1.97. 300.78 ... 20% or twenty percent ... Thirteen thousand, four hundred fifty dollars and sixty-seven cents. NOTE: It ... (e.g., $5,000,000 U.S. Dollars).


Dates • Money • Phone numbers • Route and road numbers. Numbers from one to a million ... 2,932, British English two thousand nine hundred and thirty-two


Sep 17, 2016 ... How to write cents on a check - complete with an example. ... For example, assume you need to write a check for eight dollars and fifteen cents ... No “cents”: you might notice that the word “cents” doesn't appear ... P2P payment services help you send money to friends and family, often for free. .... Follow Us.