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The Ukrainian alphabet is the set of letters used to write Ukrainian, the official language of Ukraine. It is one of the national variations of the Cyrillic script.


Ukrainian is an Eastern Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine by about 51 million people.


1.1 - Ukrainian alphabet. In its written form the Ukrainian language uses the Cyrillic script and has an alphabet consisting of 33 letters: ...


1 Ukrainian Alphabet. 1.1 << HISTORY | INDEX | GRAMMAR >>; 1.2 Pronunciation; 1.3 Try to Pronounce. 2 Ukrainian Alphabet. 2.1 << HISTORY | INDEX ...


Reading Ukrainian. Ukrainian is largely a phonetic language, and so can be fairly easily transliterated for the English speaker. Below is a pronunciation guide,  ...

Jan 25, 2013 ... In this video you will hear pronunciation of all letters in Ukrainian alphabet and some words.
Sep 16, 2014 ... CD: Barabolya...That Means Potato! Arranged By, Producer – R.Cahute* Mastered By – Eugene At The Bunker Vocals – I.Baczynskyj*, ...


I'm on Basics Level 2 at the moment but thought I should probably learn the Ukrainian Alphabet instead of just the language in the English Alphabet. I have tried ...


Ukrainian alphabet, all letters of Ukrainian alphabet with pronunciation and translation. Alphabet in Ukraine.


Cyrillic alphabet (кирилиця; kyrylytsia). Slavic system based on the Greek majuscule script (ustav, uncial letters) (see Ustav script). The Balkan Slavs may ...