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A spectrumis an unbroken band of colors, which shows that it's source is emitting light off all visible wavelength's. 8. An spectrum is a series of unevenly spaced ...



Continuous set of emission lines forming an unbroken band of colors from red to violet. Shows the source is sending out light of all visible wavelengths. Visible ...

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Dec 8, 2015 ... Super Giant • Rare stars, largest of all • 100x more luminous • 2. ... lines forming an unbroken band of colors Visible Spectrum • ROY G BIV • All the colors of ..... Shows the source is sending out light of all visible wavelengths.

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If the light consists of several discrete wavelengths, its spectrum will consists of ... The spectrum produced is a continuous one, an unbroken band of seven colors. ... Some emission spectra appear as fluted bands of color rather than as ... 8 shows the emission spectrum of hydrogen in the visible and near ultraviolet range.

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The narrow visual band, broken into its major colors, is in the middle. ... Except for the energy they carry, all portions of the spectrum -- ordinary light, infrared, radio, ... The differing kinds of radiation simply have different wavelengths, that is, the separations .... Over 100,000 absorption lines are visible in the Sun's sp...

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The unbroken band of colors showing the types of light. ... Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves.

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Elastic Band & Cosmic Redshift… .... Demonstrate that white light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow using a prism. Can also ..... visible light spectrum, we perceive differences in the size of wavelengths by seeing different ... through the diffraction glasses, we see a continuous spectrum, or unbroken rainbow of light ...

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Coronal interstellar gas: High-temperature interstellar plasma made visible by its ... Electromagnetic spectrum: The range of all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. ... Emission (bright) lines: Light of specific wavelengths or colors emitted by .... Milky Way: The band of light that encircles the sky, caused by the bending of ...



Newton gave to the array of colors in visible light the term spectrum, (plural, ... distribution of properties in an ordered arrangement across an unbroken range. ... In fact, there is a noticeable band of color between blue and violet, but this is ... All types of waves known to that time traveled through some sort of medium: for ...

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... of a centimeter and the other wavelengths are to be found in a smooth, unbroken spectrum ... Radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light begins at infrared and extends ... Nearly all of the Sun's radiation is restricted to a narrow band of wavelengths .... But in order for this to occur, the light must be of the right ...

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Q: What is the name for an unbroken band of colors from light of all...
A: It is called a continuous spectrum. Read More »
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What is the name for an unbroken band of colors from light of all ...


The colors of light in the visible range from longest wavelength to shortest is? ... When the visible light of all wavelengths are combined, it is called white light.

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This energy is radiated in all directions from the surface of the Sun as ... Visible light is made up of various colors, each with a different wavelength. ... they are bent, or refracted, forming an unbroken band of colors called the visible spectrum .

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In addition to visible light, other types of electromagnetic radiation may be spread ... The spectrum formed from white light contains all colors, or frequencies, and is ... characteristic of the gas, rather than a continuous band of all frequencies. .... Continuous spectrum: A spectrum that consists of every possible wavelength of ...

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The continuous spectrum is an unbroken band of colors coming from a source of light that emits all visible wavelengths. The bright-line spectrum, which consists ...