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Wikipedia:Deletion policy - Wikipedia


Page blanking can be performed (or reverted) by any user, but only .... If an article to be deleted is likely to be re-created under the same name, it may ... If a page you created is tagged for spe...

Under normal circumstance you can't erase or add any information to a


A. Formatted floppy b. Rewrite able cd c. Cd-rom d. Hard disk. C.) CD-ROM ... Under normal circumstance you can't erase or add any information to a? Under ...

Photoshop Layers: Beyond the Basics, Part I | Expert photography ...


Feb 3, 2008 ... This is a pixel layer; it contains image information. ... You can rename any layer by clicking on its name in the Layers ... I will do this to add a bird to the sky in this image. ... Masking is simply non-destructive erasing and is very simple. ... Under normal circumstances the Background layer can't be moved, ...

Unix System Maintenance Procedures


If this is an external disk, you just need to go to single user mode. ... The second puts information onto the disk for the Unix file system to use. To erase and format the disk, you need to know about the device geometry (e.g. how big it is, .... network, so you need to be able to boot from the new disk under normal circumstances.

How To Remove An Installed Program From Your Computer - Microsoft ...


Please double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon: A list of programs ... But unfortunately I can't remove it either through Control Panel (as shown ... Did you delete the folder for the program or is that still on your hard drive? .... mop up of the Registry should be sufficient under normal circumstances.

Why Pilots Hate the Idea of Cameras Watching Them Fly | WIRED


Jul 10, 2014 ... Using video cameras in the cockpit would only add to the likelihood of misinterpretation. ... of procedures, and “you cannot fly an airplane without cutting any corners,” Moss says. ... Pilots' concerns about how the information is used can be ..... (which is why autopilot works great under normal circumstances.) ...

How to remove my Gmail account from a device - Quora


Remove device access. If you lose a device or notice any suspicious activity on it, you should ... Add or remove an account ... Under normal circumstances, you can navigate to Settings app, then go to .... I'm not sure that's in the spirit of the question though, so if I can't bring back dad, I'd stop my mum from worryin...

Troubleshooting Those Horrible Microsoft Word Index Problems


Basically, you can't let the {XE} fields that you use to build the index mess up your final ... Microsoft Word generally conserves style information when you ... Try moving your entries around, especially if they don't appear in "normal paragraphs . ... So if you want your headings to sort together, under any circumstance, t...

PStill - FAQ - Wizards.de


Keep in mind that any files you may have changed manually in the gpstill directory, ... Yes, just install PStill and all needed add-ons on a normal system ( usually in .... 25 of the 'PStill_Guide.pdf' (part of the PStill archive) for detailed information. ... Under normal circumstances you never need them included anyway as the...

Default to autodetecting flash size · Issue #105 · themadinventor ...


Apr 25, 2016 ... The fact that there is some size information extractable from the third byte of the ... if desired, but under normal circumstances, it should get set once to reflect the actual ... Did you hear us telling that you can't abuse these last 2 bytes? ... Well, what I was figuring was that any time you do a full-erase or ...

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need help with these computer basic questions..? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 12, 2008 ... D. transfer information from one type of program to another. 6. ... Under normal circumstances, you can't erase or add any information to a A.

Retrospect: Windows User's Guide > Problems and Solutions


When you select the “Back up file security information from servers” or “Back up file ... Retrospect's advanced networking lets you directly add a client by its DNS name, WINS .... Retrospect can't use the inserted disk or tape because it is “busy. ..... If the echo time seems higher than under normal circumstances (for example,...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information - Credit Repair


May 11, 2016 ... Information on Chapter 7 BK - How to File For CH 7 Bankruptcy ... If you need information regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcy, go to our article ... losing your job and can't pay your bills, large medical expenses, ... Under normal circumstances, unless your employer is a creditor, your employer will not find out.