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While the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great reigned (306–337 AD), Christianity began to transition to the dominant religion of the Roman Empire ... The first recorded official persecution of...

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Theodosius the Great ... Under which emperor did rome adopt Christianity as its official religion? Under which ... Which Roman emperor adopted Christianity?

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Rome Becomes Christian, Western Empire Ends ... until decades after he died that Christianity became the official religion of the empire. Ruling from 379 to 395, Emperor Theodosis I was the first emperor to decree that all citizens should be Christian. ... By A.D. 402 the Western Empire was unable to protect even its ancient ...

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When Constantine, the emperor of Rome, became a Christian it meant that the empire ... He naturally did not find a favorable response from the Jewish community. ... tolerance, now said no other religion was acceptable except Christianity. ... the phenomenon of synagogues being burned under official Church sanction.

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Dec 18, 2014 ... Theodosius. Constantine made Christianity legal and ended any remaining ... Quora. Sign In. Theodosius I (Roman emperor) ... to Christianity? Did Constantine make it the official religion for political purposes or did it all .

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While the rise of Christianity to dominate western religion may very well have been ... In the early 4th century, 306 AD, Constantine rose to Emperor in the West upon ... of the Christians and set about adopting an imperial policy to advance its cause. ... Christian Bishops under Constantine functioned in an official capacity as ....

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Constantine made Christianity the official Roman religion solely for political gain. ... Under Constantine's influence, the Council of Nicea, by a small majority, ... majority of the Roman population was well on its way to becoming Christian. What Constantine did do was hasten the process of evangelizing the Roman Empire.

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From persecuted minority to official imperial religion - what caused this ... the official religion, in fact the only tolerated religion, of the Roman Empire by the ... In its first stage, Christianity begins not as a religion, it begins rather as the .... One of the first things Constantine does, as emperor, is start persecuting other ...

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Sep 21, 2010 ... In the year 300 AD, Christianity was a minority religion in the Roman ... By 400 AD, a century later, it had become the official religion practiced by pretty much everyone. ... In the year 312 there ruled a Roman Emperor named Maxentius ... no Christian symbolism but does depict sacrifices to four pagan gods.

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Aug 23, 2016 ... The first Roman emperor to profess Christianity. ... or deputy emperor (as Constantius I Chlorus), and was sent to serve under Augustus (emperor) Maximian in the West. .... Arianism was actually the official orthodoxy of the Eastern Empire. .... at least partly, to their timely adoption of the emperor's religion .