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Neutropenia (noo-troe-PEE-nee-uh) is an abnormally low level of neutrophils. Neutrophils are a common type of white blood cell important to fighting off ...

Low white blood cell (neutrophil) counts and the risk of infection


Feb 25, 2015 ... A low neutrophil count is called neutropenia. The doctor ... It's possible for your total WBC count to be in the normal range while your neutrophil count is low. ... Understanding Your Diagnosis · Finding and Paying for Treatment ...

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Dec 3, 2015 ... Lab Tests Online: Empower Your Health. Understand Your Tests. .... Expand TablePossible Causes of High and Low WBC Differential Results ... of a low count. Neutrophils (Absolute neutrophil count, percent neutrophils).

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Aug 27, 2013 ... Neutropenia is a blood condition. It occurs when neutrophil levels are low. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that protects your body ...

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If the neutrophil count is very low, (fewer than 500 neutrophils in a microliter of blood), it is called severe neutropenia. When the neutrophil count gets this low, ...

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Neutrophil granulocytes: Low neutrophil (neutropenia) and high neutrophil level counts on blood tests: Easy to understand entry on this type of white blood cell ...

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Apr 21, 2016 ... Neutropenia is a condition where there are abnormally low levels of neutrophils in the blood supply. Neutrophils are an important type of white ...

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Neutropenia is a low level of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell. All white blood cells help the body fight infection. Neutrophils fight infection by destroying ...

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white blood cells (called neutrophils) that fight off infection. In other words, your ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is too low. The lower your ANC is, the more ...

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Feb 4, 2015 ... Read about neutropenia, a condition of an abnormally low number of ... Neutropenia is defined as an absolute neutrophil count (ANC) of less than ... to the MedicineNet's Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy and understand ...

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Apr 22, 2016 ... When the Hgb and Hct values fall too low, it's called anemia ... The number doctors look at is called your absolute neutrophil count (ANC).

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Neutropenia is a low white blood cell count. Neutrophils are one type of white blood cell. White blood cells help the body fight infection.

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People with neutropenia have an unusually low number of cells called neutrophils. ... Neutrophil count goes down; Duration of severe neutropenia gets longer ...