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Throughout the history of humanity, mankind has been witness to thousands of strange, mysterious and unexplained events and phenomena. Many of them can  ...

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Jul 2, 2014 ... The identity of the Sea Peoples. Around 1200 BC civilization was progressing rapidly in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the Egyptians, Hittites, ...
They said I had fire on the left side of my head and light around my body. "I was stretched every which way but loose," Debney said in an interview with Dan Wooding for WorldNetDaily . • Debney believes that it was a miracle that he got to work on the film in the firs... More »
By Stephen Wagner, Guide

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Q: What is the most unexplained event in history?
A: There are many unexplainable events in history, one that i find Read More »
Q: What would cause this unexplained event?
A: He almost certainly got up during the night, and whilst still asleep, urinated on his pants. Yeah, I know, utterly impossible you think. But no, in my experienc... Read More »
Q: What unexplained event happened to you?
A: I turned off the basement light and locked the door, which is something I do every night without fail. I specifically remember locking it on this night because ... Read More »
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A: Caesar departs, and another Read More »
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A: Rendlesham Forest Incident. Many witnesses claiming to have made contact. Witnesses also claim bright red laser lights shining through aircraft and missile hang... Read More »