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3 Reasons why fast food is bad for you | Obesity Facts


Eating too much fast food is considered to be a leading cause of obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. Fast food restaurants are popular because they serve ...

Fast Food Health Risk Facts | Healthy Eating | SF Gate


One in four adults reported eating fast food in a study published in the April 2004 issue of the “Journal of the ... Fast food increases the risk of obesity, poor nutrition , heart disease and diabetes. .... Long-Term Effects of Bad Eating Habits ...

13 Effects of Fast Food on the Body - Healthline


Nov 2, 2015 ... Food is fuel for your body. It has a direct impact on how you feel as well as on your overall health. Fast food isn't necessarily bad, but in many ...

Is 'junk food' really unhealthy? Is it bad (or good?) for your health ...


Not really. Any food that has calories provides your body with energy, so sugar, chocolate, fat, ...

Junk food - Wikipedia


Junk food is a pejorative term for cheap food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat .... Hungary has also imposed a tax on packaged foods that contain unhealthy concentrations, such a...

Fast Food, Is It Really That Bad? - 8fit


While it may be extreme to eat fast food every meal for an entire month, this experiment shows just how ... Fast food is also high in unhealthy form of saturated fat.

Healthy Fast Food: Tips for Making Healthier Fast Food Choices


When you're hungry and on the run, fast food can really hit the spot. ... Fast food is also typically high in trans fat, unhealthy saturated fat, hidden sugar, sodium, and calories. ... Just remember that even the healthiest fast food options often have ...

25 Things Fast Food Chains Don't Want You to Know | Eat This Not ...


The real costs are in the marketing, so the more money they can wring from each ... Here are some of the secrets the fast-food industry doesn't want you to know. ... People are more likely to make unhealthy restaurant choices when they feel like ... Remember, you go to this place all the time; just because there's a clown ....

What Fast Food Does to Your Body | Eat This Not That


Here are 20 things you can expect a fast-food diet to do to your body in a relatively ... and prospective memory (your ability to remember to do what you intended). .... That's bad because 2-methylimidazole is an ingredient in caramel coloring ...

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Q: Is it true that KFC is much more unhealthy than other fast food c...
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