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The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky, fought August 29–30, 1862, was a stunning Confederate victory by Major General Edmund Kirby Smith against Union major ...

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Mahlon D. Manson, who commanded Union forces in the area, ordered a brigade to ... A Brief History of the Battle of Richmond (battleofrichmond.org) · General ...

The Fall of Richmond, Virginia - Civil War Trust


General view of the burned district of Richmond (Library of Congress). On May 20 [1861], the ... Since the Union capital--Washington D.C.--and the Confederate ...

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Battle Of Richmond Facts Location: Richmond, Kentucky Dates: August 29-30, 1862. Generals: Union: William "Bull" Nelson | Confederate: Edmund Kirby Smith

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There were many important Union generals during the American Civil War. ... General Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army during the later years of the civil war, ...

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Two weeks later Union troops began to break through the Confederate defenses. General Lee sent a message to President Jefferson Davis in Richmond, that he ...

Rebels rout Yankees at the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky - Aug 30 ...


Confederates under Edmund Kirby Smith rout a Union army at Richmond, ... Part of Wright's force, under the command of General Mahlon D. Manson, did not ...

Battle Summary: Richmond, KY


The Rebel cavalry, while moving north from Big Hill on the road to Richmond, Kentucky, on August 29, encountered Union troopers and began skirmishing.

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The Peninsula (or Peninsular) Campaign was a major Union offensive against the Confederate capital of Richmond led by Major General George B. McClellan  ...