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Land Condemnation Cases, Dockets and Filings in the District of ...


Jun 25, 2015 ... ... Company v. 1.870 Acres of Land, More or Less, Situated in Robertson County, Texas et al ... United States Of America v. 0.4685 Acres Of Land, More or Less, Situate in El Paso County, State of Texas et al ... Defendant: Manuel E. Garciagodoy, Cecilia Garciagodoy, 0.015 Acres of Land, More or Less.

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Dec 1, 2013 ... analyses of land values across the United States using transaction data. ... smaller group of MSAs over a longer timespan, as in Nicols et al. ... away from the center of their respective MSA,5 leaving us with 68,757 observed land sales. ... with a lot size less than an eighth of an acre or more than 320 acres ...

Agricultural crop density and risk of childhood cancer in the ...


Oct 15, 2015 ... However, few studies have examined the density of agricultural land ... Two studies used county level data from the U.S. Census of ... In a study in 25 states, Carozza et al. ... acres, 250 to 499 acres, 500 to 999 acres, and 1000 or more acres. ..... >0.015. 0.99 (0.80, 1.22). 0.94 (0.74, 1.19). 1.31 (0.75. 2.30).

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Oct 29, 2015 ... Finally, evidence from a natural experiment in the United States .... more likely to take-up the deduction premium insurance than the standard ... In addition, farmers may be present-biased Duflo et al. ..... 0.75 acres; p-value=0.015) and similar yields (138.7 vs. ..... women and the acres of land cultivated.

Draft Recovery Plan for Lilaeopsis schaffneriana ssp. recurva ...


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ... v. Executive Summary. Current Species Status. Lilaeopsis schaffneriana ssp. .... (0.037 acre / 0.015 hectare) of occupied habitat are placed in each of the ... 6) Develop collaborative partnerships with Federal and State land managers, ... well as environmental water needs (Marshall et al.

Private Landowners, Voluntary Conservation Programs, and ...


Mar 29, 2016 ... While most research on voluntary conservation programs focuses on ... In a review of 60 U.S. incentive programs across 29 states, Noah ... adoption of specific conservation actions (Koontz 2001; Farmer et al. ... tax reductions that assessed land values at $1/acre (State of Indiana .... Age, −0.01, 0.01, 0.015.

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One-third of the forestland in the U.S. is owned by 10.4 million family forest owners. Their collective ... However, to date, less than 6% of the family forest owners ... We found that family forest owners with larger land holdings were more likely ..... participate in programs with a focus on harvesting (McDonald et al.,. 2006 .....

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farms have gross farm sales less than $50,000 and, on average, lose money farming. ... cording to the most recent Census of Agriculture (2002), there were about. 2.1 million .... since approximately half of the 2 billion acres of U.S. land is in some type .... over time, not to mention transitory output variations (Stanton et al.

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million acres to 265 million acres over the same time period (U.S. Department ... crops (e.g., corn vs. soybeans vs. sunflower or wheat vs. barley vs. lentils).2 ... First, it is likely that crop insurance has more impact on land use decisions than .... Shumway, and Wandschneider, 2010; Chouinard et al., 2008; Kalinowski, Lynne, ....

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Each year U.S. farmers receive more subsidies than needy families receive ... may not hold due to less than perfect competition in the farmland rental market; ... et al., 1999; Lamb and Henderson, 2004), or the proportion of land value .... crop k on farm i qualifying for a subsidy, called base acres, that participate in the ...

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The Impact of Access to Rail Transportation on Agricultural ...


During the 1850s, land in U.S. farms increased by more than a third—100 million ... somewhat less than one-eighth of the land area of the country at that time. ... to farmers and, by 1850, the Census reported over 293 million acres of land in farms, ... widely recognized (Primack 1962; Primack 1977; Atack, Bateman et al.

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Reserve Program (CRP), the largest U.S. conser- ... over 1995-1997 and predict that 42/ of CRP acres ... viewing (Ribaudo et al. ... with trees appeared less likely to be returned ... Most land exiting CRP and not returned to crops remained in pasture, range, or forests— ...... observed total of 2,237.9 thousand acres (62.6V).

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probable in lowland counties where climate impacts farmland value less. Keywords: farmland ... by Garfin et al. (2013) highlights how the Southwestern U.S. is likely to be ... allocate their land to the most rewarding use. In spite of its ... scale (a spatial resolution of 35-50km while GCMs used in Schlenker et al. (2006 ) have a ...