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During the 1850s, land in U.S. farms increased by more than a third—100 million ... somewhat less than one-eighth of the land area of the country at that time. ... to farmers and, by 1850, the Census reported over 293 million acres of land in farms, ... widely recognized (Primack 1962; Primack 1977; Atack, Bateman et al.

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Do overlapping land rights reduce agricultural investment? ... overlapping property rights enables us to assess whether, and if yes to what extent, such laws have ... investment in a way that may be more effective than what is proposed currently. .... tenants' ability to make investments, remains limited (Deininger et al. 2006).

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One-third of the forestland in the U.S. is owned by 10.4 million family forest owners. ... have participated in a cost-share program, less than 1% have certified their land, and less than 2% have an ..... Landowners with larger acreage are more likely to ... participate in programs with a focus on harvesting (McDonald et al.,. 2006 ...

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Deciphering the mysteries of U.S. productivity growth has been one of .... more land above the threshold, pushing out the frontier of wheat cultivation, and increase total ... 0.015. 0.081. V: output shares. 1. 1.00. 0.33. 0.34. 0.32. 0.324. ND. ND. ND. 2 .... The 1839 data are from Craig et al., “U.S. Censuses of Agriculture,” and.

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fires for the purpose of detecting “extreme” cost fires—those fires falling more than 1 or 2 SDs above ..... with fire behavior in many areas of the country (Hall et al.

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acreage by 1.0% and 1.6%, 4) soybean acreage is more sensitive to summer ... sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Earth System Modeling ... grow higher value, riskier crops that are less well-suited for their land and ... deveer and Deal, 2004; Walter et al, 2013).3 Wu (1999) analyzes the effects of corn crop.

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Each year U.S. farmers receive more subsidies than needy families receive ... may not hold due to less than perfect competition in the farmland rental market; ... et al., 1999; Lamb and Henderson, 2004), or the proportion of land value .... crop k on farm i qualifying for a subsidy, called base acres, that participate in the ...

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The U.S. farm sector is characterized by a great deal of heterogeneity. ... cording to the most recent Census of Agriculture (2002), there were about .... since approximately half of the 2 billion acres of U.S. land is in some type .... over time, not to mention transitory output variations (Stanton et al. 1992). ...... Lambson, V. 199...

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Of these, the most frequently used is time of concentration, tc, defined as the ... where Km is a constant equal to 1.49 in U.S. customary units and 1.0 in S.I. units; n is .... become less realistic as land slope decreases, surface roughness increases, or ..... the convolution equation can be expressed as (Chow et al., 1988). (5-43).

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Jun 25, 2015 ... use changes and associated GHGE of natural covers (Hertel et al., 2009), ... and GTAP-AEZ models, arguably the most widely used models to ... The concentration of land conversion estimates in the U.S. weakens .... Other recent estimates of total acreage elasticities for the U.S. are provided by Roberts and.