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Wickard v. Filburn


I, V; 7 U.S.C. § 1281, et. seq. (1941) (Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938). Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942), was a United States Supreme Court decision that ... Full case name, Claude...

Major Uses of Land in the United States, 2007 - USDA Economic ...


involved in the 1945 land-use inventory (Reuss et al., 1948). A wide range of ... acres (16 percent of the total U.S. land area) are underway. .... v. Major Uses of Land in the United States, 2007 / EIB-89. Economic Research Service / USDA. Summary ..... Of the land exiting cropland, about 9.3 million acres (78 percent) ...

Trends in US Farmland Values and Ownership - USDA Economic ...


Because farm real estate represents much of the value of U.S. farm sector assets, large .... v. Trends in U.S. Farmland Values and Ownership / EIB-92. Economic Research .... Cropland values in 2007 were only about $1,000 per acre in the ... land values (Guiling et al., 2008; Henderson and Moore, 2006; Pope, 1985).

Wetlands Loss Since the Revolution - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


estimated percentage of wetlands loss in each state during this 200-year ... F\VS National Wetlands Inventory. However, for those states. ,0 ... land acreage, with losses estimated at less than I percent. Hawaii. ... wetland acres of any slate- approximately 9.3 million acres-or 46 ... wetland trends study (Frayer et al. 1983) or the ...

West Virginia's forests 2008 - US Forest Service


million acres or 13 percent of the State's forest land. .... specified sample of trees ( Westfall et al. .... land area given for 1907, 1920, and 1938 (Smith et al. ..... per acre (5.0 inches and larger in d.b.h.) by inventory year, West Virginia. 8.9. 9.1. 9.3 .

Public Schools and the Original Federal Land Grant Program


Report of U.S. House Committee on Public Lands, 1826 ... government granted control of millions of acres of federal land to each state ..... apart from those in the state's self-imposed constitution (Fairfax et al., 1992). ... (See also Lassen V. Arizona Highway Department and County of Skamania v. ..... 9.3 million surface acres.

Federally Managed Lands in the West: The Economic and ...


followed by the U.S. Forest Service (193 million acres), the Fish .... Err., v. Thomas P. Smith, Secretary of State of the State of Okla- homa, et al (1911). Justice ...

Land-Use Requirements of Modern Wind Power Plants in the United ...


Aug 1, 2009 ... NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. Office of ..... While there is no generally accepted methodology (Canals et al.

Coastal Louisiana and South Florida - LaCoast.gov


Nov 3, 2000 ... U.S. wetlands have been lost since 1780, a 53% reduction in the wetlands of the coterminous ... 9.3 and 7.4 million acres, respectively. In the past ... State. Level. Florida. Louisiana. Land (acres)1. 34,647,040 ...... Hartley et al.

Recent Land Use Change to Agriculture in the US Lake States ...


Feb 11, 2016 ... Funding: Funding from US Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and ..... We estimate that if all of open land acreage available in 2008 in the Lake ... the U.S. Faber et al (2012) reported a loss of 9.3x10<sup>6</sup> ha of grasslands, ..... Bandaru V, West T. Hierarchical marginal land assessment for land use planning.

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1.3 Land Ownership and Farm Structure - USDA Economic ...


looking at the ownership of all U.S. land, including farmland, and then discusses trends in farm numbers and .... Remaining Federal lands totaled 656 million acres in 1997 (table 1.3.3). .... Source: USDA, ERS, based on DeBraal; Krupa et al.; Barnard ... considered a taking if it went “too far” (Pennsylvania Coal Company v.

Wetlands Losses in the United States 1780's to 1980's


198(}'s. U.S. Dcpanmcm of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife SelVicc, .... lands, o r approximately 5 percent ofCaliforni.a's lotalllcn:age was consid- ... Wetland acreage dala, by state, has been tabulated for the 2QO..year ... wetland areas were considered v. .... Florida has lost approxim31cly 9.3 million ..... (Frayer et al. e...

To Transfer or Not to Transfer, That Is the Question: An Analysis of ...


Today, approximately 28% of the U.S., roughly 635–640 million acres, is under federal ... [7] The seminal property-ownership case Pollard v. ..... [137] In 2012 approximately 9.3 million acres of total land burned due to wildfire, and ... 17; George C. Coggins et al., Federal Public Land and Resources Law 132 (7th ed., Found.