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Personal Representatives and Fiduciaries: Executors ...


Personal Representatives and Fiduciaries: Executors, Administrators and Trustees and ... If the decedent dies intestate – i.e., without a Will – an Administrator is ... If the deceased left no valid will, and therefore has failed to designate his or her ... appoint someone unknown to the decedent and unfamiliar with his affairs.



When an independent administration has been created, and the order ... an independent executor, in addition to any power of sale of estate property given in the will, ... (a) A person who is not a devisee or heir is not required to inquire into the power ... of sale if the person deals with the independent executor or independent ...

Executors and Administrators - Appointment; Powers - Lawriter - ORC


If the will of any person is admitted to probate in this state, letters ..... of which the decedent died seized, the executor or administrator, or an heir or devisee may, ...

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Instructions for Formal Probate with or without a Will - Mass.Gov


Apr 15, 2016 ... administrator, or a creditor, in a supervised or unsupervised administration; ... Formal probate may be required for several reasons, including if: ... the location or identity of any heir or devisee is unknown; ... for the filing of the petition, a $15.00 surcharge to assign a docket number, and a $15.00 citation fee.

43 CFR 3472.2-4 - Special qualifications heirs and devisees (estates).


(2) Where the executor or administrator has been discharged or no probate ... if any, and if not, a statement signed by the heirs that they are the only heirs of the ...