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Assessment of the Awake but Unresponsive Patient - NCBI


The sight of an apparently awake but unresponsive patient challenges the clinical skills of all practitioners. Diagnostic and therapeutic strategies may not be  ...

Unconscious, Unresponsive, or Underestimated? - Fire Engineering


Aug 19, 2002 ... Watching another health care provider awaken a patient you believed was unresponsive is an embarrassing moment in patient care. The many ...

Care of an Unresponsive Patient with a Poor Prognosis — NEJM


Jan 29, 2009 ... Clinical Decisions from The New England Journal of Medicine — Care of an Unresponsive Patient with a Poor Prognosis.

What to do when u find an unresponsive patient | allnurses


Jul 30, 2015 ... I got to the room and she said she couldn't wake the patient. The patients nurse came in a few seconds later and we both tried to wake the ...

Dealing with Someone who is Unconscious. What to do | Patient


If someone becomes unresponsive they need someone to help keep them safe and prevent further harm. The type of help they need varies depending on why ...

8.02B. Unresponsive Patient - Paramedic Protocol Provider


Oct 1, 2016 ... Determine Unresponsiveness. Stimulate, "Are you OK?" If unresponsive, position patient appropriately*a. Open Airway, Assess for Respirations.

Assessment of Pain in Non-vocal or Unresponsive ICU Patients ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... This special feature will review the most commonly used instruments for pain assessment with non-vocal or unresponsive ICU patients, and will ...

Unresponsive Geriatric Patient? Think OD or Sepsis, First ...


MedicTests.com; Helping EMS students learn to provide exceptional care to unresponsive geriatric patients while preparing for the NREMT exam!

Unresponsive breathing adult - St John Ambulance


Get first aid tips and information from St John Ambulance about treating an unresponsive but breathing adult. Find out about the symptoms and treatment.

Some unresponsive patients can pay attention, study finds | Fox News


Aug 13, 2013 ... Using specialized MRI machines, researchers found the brains of patients who were physically nonresponsive lit up on cue when the patients ...