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Sexual obsessions involve intrusive thoughts or images of "kissing, touching, fondling, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, and rape" ...

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A brochure on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that explains the signs, symptoms, and treatments.

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Jun 1, 2009 ... Welcome to the world of "intrusive thoughts." Cognitive therapy can help you. Your problem is not that you are having intrusive thoughts.

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Every highly anxious person has to cope with intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts are frightening thoughts about what might happen to you or someone you ...

Obsessive Thinking. Learn how to End Intrusive Thoughts.


Obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts are major symptoms for many people who suffer with an anxiety disorder. Obsessive thinking usually involves scary, ...

Intrusive Thoughts | OCD Symptoms


An overview of OCD symptoms and the different ways OCD can manifest. It explores HOCD, POCD, Scrupulosity, Harm OCD, and more.

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These would include intrusive unpleasant thoughts, unceasing doubt, guilt fears of being insane, and crushing anxiety. While all forms of OCD can be painful, ...

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Here's How Unwanted Thoughts Seriously HOLD You Back! Discover My Own Personal BATTLE with Obsessive Thoughts - And How I Discovered the SECRET  ...

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Is it any wonder then, that when a parent suddenly begins to have thoughts ... tend to mistakenly believe that the obsessive thoughts are their own real thoughts , ...

Intrusive Thoughts and Feelings With High Anxiety | Healdove


Apr 25, 2016 ... When intrusive thoughts start popping up uninvited, sufferers will begin to think that they must be going crazy and definitely out of control.

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How to Stop Anxiety And Unwanted Thoughts - Calm Clinic


For some people, anxiety itself can be caused by these thoughts. Unwanted thoughts are especially common with obsessive compulsive disorder, a type of ...

Pure Obsessional OCD — Symptoms and Treatment


Internal obsessions and compulsions are unseen but can be just as ritualistic and ... Obsessions are intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images, impulses, ...

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Jan 4, 2014 ... Most of my intrusive thoughts — the intense phase, anyway — have a lifespan of two or three days. I find the obsessions much more ...